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    Government's farming policies have had a damaging effect, says Terry Bell.

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    The killer of Cecil the lion is now the one getting hunted - by outraged Americans.

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    Is patriotic reporting another name for whitewashing corruption, asks Leopold Scholtz.

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BizSpark boost for SA entrepreneurs

2015-07-30 10:41

Microsoft’s BizSpark programme provides early-stage tech start-ups with the opportunity to join a vast network of entrepreneurs, partners and advisors.

Clem Sunter: Economic apartheid still exists

2015-07-29 13:00

Scenario planner Clem Sunter says he is as passionate about economic freedom as EFF leader Julius Malema, but it's not about nationalising the mines and banks.

R95m saved in SA copper mine’s energy costs

2015-07-30 10:37

Where there is a will and the skills to address energy costs, innovative ways to economise can always be found, says Standard Bank's Ethel Nyembe.

A triumph of SA’s empowerment spirit

2015-07-27 13:40

Launching new premises has given a top black-owned company the opportunity to send a “proud statement about the existence of black excellence in South Africa”.

Richard Branson celebrates 65th bday on Mandela Day

2015-07-18 07:00

People forget that Richard Branson is dyslexic and research has found that dyslexics are often more likely than others to become entrepreneurs, explains an academic.

Delivery and payment gap in SA below average

2015-07-16 17:11

Expect the gap in South Africa between delivering goods and being paid for them as a whole to bounce back, research shows.

How to go from employee to entrepreneur

2015-07-14 08:46

Are you frustrated and fed up with your job? Well, don’t despair. You have options. One is to quit your job; another is to start a company.

Friends & Friction: Make the ridiculous choice

2015-07-14 08:45

Soccer player Pelé was past his prime when he was thrust into fame, disproving the theory that dying in your thirties may be your best career move.

Funding small business is risky – a hybrid solution

2015-07-13 15:27

An analyst searches for a solution to the small business financing conundrum – access to finance and quality businesses concepts worth funding.

Client is king as customers become more picky

2015-07-30 15:08

By 2020 customer experience will overtake product and price as the key brand differentiator, according to a report.

Read this if you are in HR

2015-07-19 15:55

Five things HR managers don’t need to know any more.

5 golden priorities for entrepreneurs

2015-07-19 15:38

As an entrepreneur, you’ll be wearing a lot of hats and dealing with a constant barrage of issues. Each day’s tasks and priorities will likely be a jumbled mess that changes as new emergencies and challenges arise.

How to help employees with debt

2015-07-19 15:12

Big companies have played a significant role in reducing the indebtedness of their employees and, by doing so, have improved the quality of life of the country’s citizens, writes Frank Magwegwe

Would you do business with yourself?

2015-07-14 10:40

An important question a business owner or manager should ask himself is whether he would do business with himself and why, explains a performance consultant.

Tips for selecting a lender

2015-07-13 11:24

Too often business owners and property investors in South Africa fall prey to predatory lending, which can swiftly put businesses into debt, warns an expert.

Learn how to be a good entrepreneur - expert

2015-06-25 20:15

An expert shares his views and tips on the debate whether an entrepreneur is born or if a person can learn to become one.

How businesses can reduce eco footprint

2015-06-25 19:47

Businesses have an important role in preserving the environment and pursuing opportunities doesn’t mean neglecting environmental responsibilities.

Crowdfunding a new source of income for CFOs

2015-05-15 18:10

Crowdfunding is not only for SMEs, but also for CFOs who do not have the budget to finance all the projects that employees desire to engage in, shows a report.

What training do you need to be a beautician?

2015-05-03 16:36

There are no formal training requirements for becoming a beautician in South Africa. But it is highly recommended you complete a course in beauty therapy.

Sales made simple

2014-11-04 12:52

People like dealing with professional sales people who are experts in their field and who can offer good advice before asking for a sale, says an expert.

Looking for seed funding to start a business

2014-09-12 16:18

A Fin24 user is looking for seed capital for his start-up companies and an expert provides some tips.

How to get from zero to hero

2014-10-05 08:00

Life won’t get any easier and responsibilities won’t get any lighter, say Dinesh Patel (CEO) and Heini Booysen (COO) of OrderIn in this informative Q&A.

Grow your business out of your kitchen

2014-10-16 15:00

A business development expert gives tips on how to move an expanding business run from your home into bigger premises.

How to become a pig farmer

2014-08-09 12:43

Prospective entrepreneurs often have good ideas, but don’t have the resources to get started. An expert gives a Fin24 user advice on how to become a pig farmer.

Marriage made in online heaven

2014-08-08 13:12

When e-commerce site Yuppiechef teamed up with League of Beers in 2013, founder Rob Heyns knew his craft beer business's online venture was going to get exciting.

Survival guide for SA startups

2014-07-02 10:38

Fin24 blogger Terence Stoker provides some down-to-earth guidelines for entrepreneurs struggling to survive in a hostile business environment.

Fear of failure part of entrepreneur's journey

2014-06-26 13:56

The fear of failure is a common occurrence in any entrepreneur’s journey, but by nature entrepreneurs are to a degree risk takers, says an expert.

Building personal power through real estate

2015-07-28 19:03

Neale Petersen of Real Estate Investor Magazine wants to transform people to become successful in building personal wealth through real estate.

5 ways Dolphin Bay beats hard times

2015-06-14 11:52

Dolphin Bay MD Bertus Coetzee shows how to ensure that your company thrives, even during an economic downswing.

A wine woman’s song

2015-06-02 12:09

Raised in a family that did not drink alcohol, Praisy Dlamini only tasted her first glass of wine when she was 19. Now she’s one of the Cape’s first black female wine makers. She speaks to Biénne Huisman.

SizweNtsalubaGobodo: ‘Our purpose is married to Africa’

2015-05-24 15:00

Thirty years ago, SizweNtsalubaGobodo (SNG), what was to become the country’s largest black-owned and black-managed accounting firm, was born. Today, it has huge ambitions to become the advisory firm of choice on the continent.

Designer growing trees into furniture

2015-05-24 08:54

Deep in the English countryside, there's a bizarre sight: rows of trees being grown into upside-down chairs, slowly taking shape over years of careful nurturing.

Know about wine and food? Turn your passion into a career

2015-05-17 15:00

Becoming a sommelier requires a knowledge of both wine and food. Janine Walker talks to two young South Africans who have turned their passion into thriving careers

Kung-fu helps Scott break through in business

2015-05-12 16:20

Scott Cundill has 18 years in the internet marketing game, is a published author and public speaker and represents South Africa at Shaolin kung-fu.

Winning women: Charlotte Maponya puts SA’s best foot forward

2015-05-11 11:21

The chairperson of Brand SA, Charlotte ‘Chichi’ Maponya, is charged with putting the country’s best foot forward at a difficult time. But a lifetime of running multiple businesses, including being CEO of the Maponya Group, gives her invaluable experience, writes Sue Grant-Marshall.

Love horses? You could make big money

2015-05-11 11:41

Do you love horses, riding and adventure? Well, a career as a work rider beckons. And there's big money to be made, writes Rehana Loonat

Tools to test your business idea

2015-07-29 09:00

Knowledge about how to run a business is an entrepreneur’s most potent weapon, says a business coach.

BOOK REVIEW: The good jobs strategy

2015-07-21 07:08

This is the best book of the year bar none for business managers, says Ian Mann.

Three steps to customer retention that lasts

2015-07-27 13:19

The cost of gaining a new customer is up to six times more than the cost of retaining an existing customer, says a business coach.

How 10-yr-old boys moved entrepreneur ace Vusi Thembekwayo

2015-07-07 10:59

When Vusi Thembekwayo set a group of children a challenge to move from a mindset of hand-outs to one of entrepreneurship, the result almost moved him to tears.

BOOK REVIEW: The wealthy freelancer

2015-07-07 06:56

Enjoying the lifestyle of your choice is the most important marker of a successfully self-employed professional, says Ian Mann.

Customer satisfaction in the world of social media

2015-06-30 15:33

The adage that there is no second chance to make a good first impression is quite true in business, says Pieter Scholtz.

BOOK REVIEW: Why you need to innovate

2015-06-30 07:44

There are many ways you can innovate to boost your business profits, says Ian Mann.

How to prioritise to maximise profits

2015-06-29 10:32

Human behaviourist Dr John Demartini explains why it’s important to pay yourself first, and provides other methods you can use to maximise your profits.

The 1% difference

2015-07-17 12:27

The gap between current reality and the dream can sometimes seem insurmountable, says Harry Welby-Cooke.

Attracting and selecting the right franchisee key to success

2015-07-15 12:02

Recruiting quality franchisees is becoming increasingly essential for every franchise business, as the wrong fit can seriously damage the reputation of the franchise.

Why funding failures sink franchises

2015-05-11 11:51

Franchise opportunists who don’t do their homework before venturing into this sector will fall horribly short, according to a Standard Bank executive.

Time to return to the Wimpy family model

2015-01-13 13:15

Franchisees should learn from families who basically lived in their restaurants, spending time with their staff and interacting with customers, an expert says.

World Cup brings this entrepreneur to SA

2014-12-11 16:50

What began as a trip to South Africa during the 2010 Soccer World Cup has resulted in a booming business for Boris and Sandra Leyck.

Debonairs, Shoprite seal deal in Angola

2014-12-05 05:15

Debonairs Pizza will open its first restaurant in Angola in an innovative tie-up with Shoprite Angola, which will become the master franchisee.

Let the pizza wars begin

2014-10-14 10:39

Following the arrival of Pizza Hut and Domino's Pizza in South Africa, Debonairs Pizza has declared itself ready to take on the competition.

Growing the franchise industry

2014-10-09 18:00

FNB will be hosting the third annual FNB Franchise Leadership Summit in Johannesburg on October 15 and Cape Town on November 19.

Plan well to grow franchises

2014-10-08 17:41

Keeping a franchise growing through a period of constant change means all franchisees need to build planning and goal setting skills, says an expert.

Sell your invoice to grow your business

2014-09-29 11:35

Businesses aiming to grow can get instant cash from selling their invoices at a discount, enabling faster growth and less risk, according to an invoice discounting expert.

Wannabe farmers battle for funds

2015-01-27 13:42

While the farming sector has a lot of appeal for entrepreneurs, getting off the ground is daunting, but with collaboration and government funding, there is a glimmer of hope.

Battle to find affordable payment system

2014-10-16 20:13

Technology has opened the doors to new ways of POS payments, giving entrepreneurs more options when running a business.

Go and sweat the research stuff, expert says

2014-10-16 19:49

The quickest way to learn is to put yourself in the position of the client, a leading business advisor tells a hopeful business owner.

Grow your business out of your kitchen

2014-10-16 15:00

A business development expert gives tips on how to move an expanding business run from your home into bigger premises.

How to get from zero to hero

2014-10-05 08:00

Life won’t get any easier and responsibilities won’t get any lighter, say Dinesh Patel (CEO) and Heini Booysen (COO) of OrderIn in this informative Q&A.

Looking for seed funding to start a business

2014-09-12 16:18

A Fin24 user is looking for seed capital for his start-up companies and an expert provides some tips.

In need of a BEE certificate?

2014-09-03 05:00

If your annual turnover is R5m or less, then there is no need to have a BEE certificate, says an expert, but that should not stop you from a BEE code of conduct.

My home loan is hurting my CC

2014-08-22 14:36

A business owner has been very confused with his bank’s stance that he can’t do a substitution of debtors on his home loan. A Fin24 expert gives his response.

Thembekwayo's advice for a wannabe egg farmer

2014-08-12 12:35

Are entrepreneurs born or made? A Fin24 user gets advice on how to become an egg farmer from Vusi Thembekwayo.

Adapting to changes key for Fashion House

2015-07-08 18:32

Adapting to market changes and seizing opportunities when they have presented themselves have been key to the success of a 76-year old family business.

Breaking down the barrier of the boys' club

2015-07-07 11:59

Trailblazing entrepreneur Siyasanga Ngcongca has found inner strength to succeed after entering the male-dominated construction industry, following her father’s death.

Entrepreneur slams SARS for sitting on working capital

2015-06-11 07:51

A Fin24 user says SARS is sitting on on the working capital of his business while it delays paying out funds he overpaid to comply with new rules.

Breaking down walls in coffee culture

2015-05-04 11:59

The Department of Coffee in Khayelitsha plans to open another coffee shop, surprising naysayers, writes Maya Fisher-French

BUSINESS BOOKS BREAKFAST: Find out why money's not the answer

2015-04-28 11:04

Most business problems could be solved by having the right people, in the right place, at the right time. And then keeping them there!

Small businesses lament postal service collapse

2015-04-12 12:29

The disruption of operations at the SA Post Office is having wide-ranging impacts on small businesses, many of whom are in the start-up phase of their enterprise.

Money will follow passion - young entrepreneur

2015-04-05 14:03

Zimkhitha Mqutheni saw a gap in the market for a fully black-owned PR agency and took the plunge.

Erosion of business foundations

2015-01-28 17:33

For many organisations, even when best business practices are employed, one cannot be comfortable in the front seat, according to an expert.

Red tape causes failure to launch business

2015-01-23 12:29

A start-up owner says his business has failed to get off the ground due to the stranglehold of bureaucratic and regulatory requirements.

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