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Fostering workplace wellbeing

2014-08-27 10:50

To celebrate its SA launch, office environments expert Steelcase will host an exclusive event to initiate new ways of thinking about workspace wellness.

Hungary aims to be startup hotspot

2014-08-27 09:53

About 200 startups have sprung up in Hungary in recent years as the government is pushing for the nation to become central Europe's startup capital by 2020.

Collaborate and succeed

2014-08-27 06:00

Partnerships and transformation are key for sustainable business growth, says an expert.

Global leaders focus on SME competitiveness

2014-08-26 16:02

The urgent need to create trade and employment opportunities by increasing the competitiveness of SMEs will be in the spotlight at an upcoming UN event.

Top woman entrepreneur in agri-processing named

2014-08-25 10:17

A Western Cape entrepreneur has clinched top honours in the agri-processing category of national awards to honour women in agriculture.

SA entrepreneurs resilient - bank CEO

2014-08-25 09:46

Established entrepreneurs facing South Africa’s tough economic environment need focused support, a niche bank that supports small business says.

Time to venture into tax incentives

2014-08-21 16:10

The tax incentive will definitely entice investors to avail more funding to small businesses, says a finance expert.

Connecting African entrepreneurs

2014-08-19 15:47

Entrepreneurs’ Organisation has announced its growth plans into Africa and South Africa for high-end business owners.

Standard Bank honoured for service to SMEs

2014-08-19 10:38

Standard Bank has won an award based on a global growth consulting firm's recent analysis of the market for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

The value of a business mentor

2014-08-20 16:12

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely, especially when you don’t have an associate with whom you can discuss your business and its challenges, says an expert.

How to expand your business

2014-08-20 15:21

Expanding your business requires capital and banks have stringent criteria in place to ensure they are lending the right businesses the appropriate funds, says Standard Bank.

More concern about safe business travel in Africa

2014-08-13 16:42

As business travel in Africa grows, the potential risks of travelling to certain countries in Africa must be considered by businesses, according to an expert.

Taking a business to the next level

2014-08-13 10:51

The reluctance to let go of control can be a barrier to the growth of many businesses, says Standard Bank’s Ravi Govender.

Lending against moveable assets increases

2014-08-11 17:25

While unconventional, the lending against moveable assets can help businesses stay in business longer and pay employees and suppliers, says experts.

Business planning will save you

2014-08-11 05:00

Developing a business plan is a strategic investment in the future and sustainability of your business, says Standard Bank.

Step-by-step business plan guide

2014-08-07 15:13

Craft a realistic, working business plan for your start-up to give you a winning edge. Standard Bank's BizConnect gives you the tools and template.

Make the most of govt incentives

2014-08-01 11:35

Many companies face difficulties when trying to use government incentives and that is why a consulting firm has started a special service to meet this need.

Three ways to kill your new business

2014-07-30 11:00

If you want to dodge the start-up failure statistic, there are three Rs you need to avoid at all costs.

How to become a pig farmer

2014-08-09 12:43

Prospective entrepreneurs often have good ideas, but don’t have the resources to get started. An expert gives a Fin24 user advice on how to become a pig farmer.

Marriage made in online heaven

2014-08-08 13:12

When e-commerce site Yuppiechef teamed up with League of Beers in 2013, founder Rob Heyns knew his craft beer business's online venture was going to get exciting.

Survival guide for SA startups

2014-07-02 10:38

Fin24 blogger Terence Stoker provides some down-to-earth guidelines for entrepreneurs struggling to survive in a hostile business environment.

Fear of failure part of entrepreneur's journey

2014-06-26 13:56

The fear of failure is a common occurrence in any entrepreneur’s journey, but by nature entrepreneurs are to a degree risk takers, says an expert.

More ways to secure working capital

2014-06-24 16:12

While cash flow is a universal challenge, entrepreneurs, who are starting and running small businesses in SA, face extra financial strains, says an expert.

Marketing before all else

2014-05-06 07:40

If you can sell tap water, you're ready to start your own business, says small business coach Bertie du Plessis.

Why do entrepreneurs work for free?

2014-05-05 17:40

Small business owners cannot say they're running a proper business if they are subsidising it, warns business consultant Bertie du Plessis.

When your hobby becomes your business

2014-04-24 17:31

Having a creative idea for a business is not enough and failure to plan appropriately upfront may result in increased future tax costs, warns an expert.

Changing careers and starting a business

2014-01-21 14:18

A Fin24 user is tired of working for someone else and wants to know how to change careers and start her own business.

Convenience toppling experience

2014-08-21 18:31

Retailers are grappling with re-inventing the wheel as online shopping continues to grow in popularity.

Global recognition for Khayelitsha entrepreneur

2014-08-14 19:17

Luvuyo Rani has been nominated for an award at the Junior Chamber International in Germany, 10 years after he started Silulo Ulutho Technologies from his car boot.

Marketing is Darren's way to make a difference

2014-08-08 17:29

What really counts for Darren Barnes, managing director of Perfect Solutions, is not how much money he makes, but the difference he makes, he says.

Marriage made in online heaven

2014-08-08 13:12

When e-commerce site Yuppiechef teamed up with League of Beers in 2013, founder Rob Heyns knew his craft beer business's online venture was going to get exciting.

Hitting it big with event decor

2014-08-06 19:26

Alosha Lynov of 3D Deco tells how he started his business on 60 toothpicks and a polystyrene ball, borrowing R4 000 for a trailer from his dad.

Top SA chef gets entrepreneur bug

2014-08-06 17:15

Jackie Cameron is very enthusiastic about her plans to open a chef school after spending 10 years as head chef at Hartford House.

Grit pays off for IT wizard

2014-08-06 14:25

Lindo Makhaye gives hope to entrepreneurs as his lessons show that persistence is the key to success.

Dawid Mocke hits surfing success online

2014-08-03 15:25

Four-time world surfski champion Dawid Mocke reveals how an online business can take entrepreneurship to another level.

From heroin dealer to Afghan oil man

2014-07-14 16:42

One-eyed Rateb Popal's debut as an Afghan businessman was not promising: he was caught smuggling heroin and locked up in a New York federal prison for almost a decade.

An abundance of opportunity

2014-08-27 11:53

An abundance mentality allows a small business owner to focus on executing on one project well before moving on to the next with confidence, says Allon Raiz.

The perfect office help

2014-08-26 07:38

Online assistance for your business could be a really smart move, says Ian Mann.

The magic of not noticing

2014-08-17 13:04

Having a personal interest in not noticing does impair one’s ability to notice, says Ian Mann.

Creating a 30-hour work week

2014-08-12 16:08

Knowing how to use your time effectively is a more valuable skill than knowing how to make, manage, invest and spend money, says Pieter Scholtz.

The lure of fascination

2014-08-10 11:27

Anything and anyone can become fascinating by applying some triggers, says Ian Mann.

Dealing with sexual harassment at work

2014-08-09 10:43

With the job market tougher than ever before, many sexually harassed victims find themselves reluctantly allowing it to continue just to keep their jobs.

Time to honour women

2014-08-05 15:28

Strong women role models inspired me, says entrepreneur Shauwn Mpisane.

Inspirational but unseen

2014-07-27 10:11

Some workers care more about satisfaction than being in the spotlight, says Ian Mann.

Bring back old school remuneration - SME owner

2014-07-24 09:14

If South Africa wants to keep small businesses going, it needs to slacken the regulations for small business and the union foothold, says a Fin24 user.

Choose the right location for your franchise

2014-08-21 16:32

As a franchise owner, you have a number of factors to consider before you can open the doors to your own franchise, says an expert.

Keep your franchise relevant

2014-08-05 11:44

Franchises need to ensure that their brand remains consistent and relevant so that consumers can still identify the franchise concept, experts say.

How the rate hike will affect your franchise

2014-07-22 10:33

Running lean and efficient operations is key as consumers tighten their belts after the recent interest rate increase, says an expert.

Cashing in on braai-loving SA

2014-06-17 10:10

In just two years the traditional township braai concept has grown into 200 outlets, employing 2 000 people. The brain behind ChesaNYAMA tells the story.

Support leads to business success

2014-05-15 16:08

The winner of two entrepreneurship competitions share his view on what leads to business success.

Is franchising for you? Ask these 10 Qs

2014-05-06 14:01

Ten key questions to ask yourself to see if franchising is really your calling.

Franchises awarded for excellence

2014-04-14 16:45

The Franchise Association of South Africa has awarded its annual excellence awards to a number of achievers in the industry.

My home loan is hurting my CC

2014-08-22 14:36

A business owner has been very confused with his bank’s stance that he can’t do a substitution of debtors on his home loan. A Fin24 expert gives his response.

Thembekwayo's advice for a wannabe egg farmer

2014-08-12 12:35

Are entrepreneurs born or made? A Fin24 user gets advice on how to become an egg farmer from Vusi Thembekwayo.

How to become a pig farmer

2014-08-09 12:43

Prospective entrepreneurs often have good ideas, but don’t have the resources to get started. An expert gives a Fin24 user advice on how to become a pig farmer.

Where to for expansion funding?

2014-08-03 17:45

A fast food business owner who started out three years ago, is now looking to expand.

What do I do with my kitchen invention?

2014-08-03 17:03

A Fin24 user asks advice about a machine he has created.

How to motivate youthful entrepreneurs

2014-06-19 16:39

An expert gives advice on how to induce seemingly reluctant or nervous students to start small businesses.

How do we start a pub franchise?

2014-06-20 12:24

A Fin24 user asks advice about starting a pub franchise with her brother.

8 tips for an aspiring businessman

2014-05-16 15:40

Small business coach Bertie du Plessis lists eight points for an employed user who wants to go solo.

Losing sleep over late payments

2014-03-26 16:08

A Fin24 has a big problem with clients paying late or withholding payment altogether.

GlamHour: Chance for township SMEs to sparkle

2014-08-27 12:49

Khayelitsha entrepreneur Zizipho Dyubeni is slowly making a name for herself in the township as a go-to-person for coordinating events.

Challenges faced by small businesses

2014-08-07 17:03

A Fin24 user explains what he regards as the biggest challenges for small businesses in the country.

World's first commercial fly farm in Cape Town

2014-07-23 07:47

By copying nature, an entrepreneurial team has put the humble fly to work to help resolve a global food problem.

Cashing in on braai-loving SA

2014-06-17 10:10

In just two years the traditional township braai concept has grown into 200 outlets, employing 2 000 people. The brain behind ChesaNYAMA tells the story.

Spotting the gap for African greeting cards

2014-06-12 10:25

Gildah Tshukutswane believes everyone should have the opportunity to celebrate African-inspired messages in African languages through greeting cards.

From surfer to socio-economic expert

2014-06-10 16:01

James Burton of Hero tells of his journey from surfer to full time employee and eventually a specialist in understanding both business and people.

Successfully combining science and art

2014-06-05 15:19

Will Green, CEO of Apurimac Media had the seed of entrepreneurship planted in him from an early age.

Why smother SMEs with accreditations?

2014-06-02 18:07

A fledgling small business owner wants to know whose business is it anyway?

Passionate about youth entrepreneurship

2014-05-29 16:19

Indira Tsengiwe, founder of Youngpreneur Media, is an advocate for the cultivation of entrepreneurial mindsets across Africa.

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