• Credit Rating

    Moody's has (again) said that weak state-owned entities are a risk to SA's sovereign credit rating.

  • SARS Inquiry

    Judge Nugent has recommended the president sack suspended SARS boss Tom Moyane.

  • Nene Rand Rollercoaster

    Simon Brown says savvy investors worked out how the rand would react to uncertainty at Treasury.

Old Mutual Investment Group

To SA CEOs...

Aug 16 2018 00:00

As Old Mutual returns to South Africa this year, our attention is again drawn to the role that companies can, and must, play in driving socially inclusive and resource-efficient national growth.

Old Mutual Investment Group

Let’s measure up to more rigorous corporate governance standards

Jun 20 2018 10:16

Fund managers have a responsibility to their clients to take the necessary steps towards playing a meaningful role in changing South Africa and creating a more sustainable economy.

Old Mutual Investment Group

SA’s refocus on growth has created a supportive environment for investment, says Old Mutual

May 22 2018 15:31

South Africa has seen a critical refocus on investment growth in recent months as well as a much needed confidence boost, creating a more supportive environment for private sector investment.

Old Mutual Investment Group

Trump’s trade war threats are an exercise in futility

May 03 2018 10:27

Is the threat of a global trade war as a direct result of Trump’s protectionist measures a moot point?

Old Mutual Investment Group

7 lessons that will reshape your future

Mar 14 2018 15:00

You’ve heard it before: sticking you’re your long-term savings plan is one of the surest paths to a more comfortable retirement.

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A year of reckoning for South Africa

Feb 19 2018 06:00

The current seismic shifts in South African politics and its effect on our economy means 2018 could be the “country’s year of reckoning”.

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The rise of AI in asset management

Nov 29 2017 11:17

There is a great deal of noise and concern about the “rise of the machines”. But how exactly will this impact the future of asset management?


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International investing just got easier

Oct 24 2017 09:00

Old Mutual Alternative Investments has recently appointed a new head of International Private Equity, Nabeel Laher. In our Q&A, Mr Laher explains the reasons investors ought to consider International Private Equity.

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Watch: The key to navigating local and international economies

Aug 24 2017 09:11

What some people in government like to call an investment strike is more likely to be considered as prudence by asset managers during times of political turbulence and uncertainty.

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Index investment: what’s it all about?

Aug 02 2017 06:00

Many investors are keen to find security in their investments and don’t enjoy seeing their returns eaten up by fees and other costs. That’s why index-linked investments have become increasingly popular around the world.

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How data is changing investments

Jun 29 2017 08:00

Technological disruption is rife in many spheres of business and given the quantity of data available, it’s no surprise that the way in which asset managers work is also changing fast.

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