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2019-12-05 08:30 Why you should check your portfolio values less frequently in 2020 Share prices update constantly, and investors need to find a way of managing this non-stop feedback loop they get from markets to avoid getting rattled by crazy share price movements.
2019-12-02 14:04 Investing offshore is a question of how, not when As recently relayed by our finance minister, the economic outlook for South Africa is rather bleak. However, investors should remain measured when making decisions about their investment portfolios.
2019-11-29 12:34 When to sell Changing your investment strategy is generally ill-advised. However, there are certain warning signals that should prompt you to re-evaluate a fund you might be invested in.
2019-11-26 14:39 Low volatility doesn’t necessarily mean low growth Making use of international and local benchmarks, PSG Wealth’s Schalk Louw proves the old investment adage of high risk, high return, wrong.
2019-11-26 09:32 Are you comfortable swimming against the tide? ‘Contrarian’ is usually defined as opposing or rejecting a popular opinion or current practice. Using this approach in investing could help to find value in an investment world which can be noisy ...

How to count your losses 2019-11-22 14:31 Following on from his previous column, Simon Brown offers advice on how traders should employ stop-losses to manage risk.
Why the wrong people often get promoted 2019-11-21 13:02 Let’s say a managerial position needs to be filled. Who should get the job? A lower-level employee who is outperforming, or the ‘correctly-qualified’ candidate?
Measuring the value of a company 2019-11-21 13:22 Calculating a company’s return on equity is a great way to determine its value. Investment expert Simon Brown explains his method of using this ratio to determine the profitability of a company.
The smart way to make money 2019-11-19 16:52 Shares are among the best investments available for an ordinary person. Even if it may seem daunting to some, there are practical steps you can follow to help you identify good investments and ma ...
Not all shareholders are created equal 2019-11-14 11:30 One share, one vote, right? Not necessarily. With certain voting structures some shareholders will be more equal than others.
While stocks last... 2019-11-07 13:24 After doing some research, investment expert Simon Brown found that the expected duration for a stock to maintain a major listing is around 20 years. How, then, should investors approach long-ter ...

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