Women and friendship

*Zinzile Mthethwa
2013-08-07 08:25
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Behind every great woman lies the support of a true female friend, writes a Fin24 user:

STAGES, indecision, frustration, people pleaser, backstabber, sulking, bff (best friends forever), achiever, leader, caring, wife, single mom, are but just a couple of words to describe a woman’s life.

What if I had... can play like a record in women’s minds forever.

There’s a saying that goes: “Behind every great man is one woman of strength and substance.” True as that may seem to be, I believe behind every great woman is one of her true female friends who had her back through it all.

I honestly cannot remember the number of times I dropped my girlfriends for a man, how many times I didn’t pitch for girl’s night out because I had a bad day at work, not to mention the times I didn’t bother to call them to check up on them but only communicated when I needed that shoulder to cry on.

Typical of us ladies.

A male friend of mine once said: “If the world was run by women alone, there would be a lot of jealous countries not communicating with each other for no reason!”

To him and a couple of friends it was the joke of the year, to me it was a slap in the face. I mean really, is that we women are all about, fighting and envious of each other and no united front?

I thought he had a nerve even thinking about some statement like that. Needless to say, I gave him attitude for a week till I realised that no matter how raw his opinion was, it was so true of how we women interact amongst ourselves.

A man’s best friend could steal his girlfriend from him; fists will fly but rest assured, after one or two beers, days after that encounter you sure to catch a glimpse of their bald heads in the same car driving to a soccer match or boys' night out. It just gives you goose-bumps thinking about it, hey.

Hold onto the thought that a man would never steal his friend’s girl; when a man sees his friend with a beautiful woman, he gets inspired to go and search for (his own) beautiful girlfriend.

However, it’s in a woman’s nature that when they see their girlfriend with a handsome, successful man, they do the opposite of men, they want that girl’s man!

It''s stuck in their brain that this man is the only one left in the world, no use going to search for another, steal your girlfriend’s man... why, why, why? Then you wonder why we women do not trust each other around our men.

When the tables are turned and another woman snatches your man, better yet let that woman be your friend or someone you know - all hell breaks loose! Cat fight alert, possibly smashed window screen of your car and public insults when you bump into each other in the streets a year later.

Well ladies, beware you don’t get caught in this one wearing a wig or hoop earrings 'cause all that will most definitely be seen flying in the air. After all, drama is a woman’s middle name, isn’t it?

On the brighter side of women’s relationships between themselves, a loyal friend will still be your friend even when she can plainly see you always need her in times of trouble.

A true friend will be honest with you when the outfit you think the world of just doesn’t cut the edge for that big job interview. Your girlfriends will take you in when the man you dumped them for, kicks you out of the house.

If only we women could but learn never to backstab each other, not to forsake each other or laugh at another woman’s trials, and think twice before we decide to snatch or have an affair with another woman’s man.

Don't hesitate to lend a helping hand to a fellow woman on her way down; you might be going uphill today but tomorrow you could just be on your way down and trust me, we would not break any bones by complimenting each other.

 - Fin24

*This guest post is by Zinzile Mthethwa, Accounts assistant at RAGE.

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