Facing challenges head-on

Communication specialist Lerato Mbele wants to put business in Africa firmly on the map when she joins Africa Business Report on BBC World News.

Hats off to SA women
Fin24 user Don Tshalata says South Africa's women are the ones who are uplifting and advancing the country's economy.
Tips for working from home
It all boils down to proper time management, says an attorney who has managed to fine-tune the work-home balance.
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Nothing beats experience
Artist Clementina van der Walt has managed to earn a living as an ceramist and entrepreneur for more than two decades.
Women must leave a legacy
Leaving a legacy means leaving footprints that will inspire and drive other women, says Liepollo Lebohang Pheko, president of the Businesswomen’s Association of SA.
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Is 45 years of saving enough to retire?
Go to school, then university, get a degree, find a secure job and you will be sorted - but is this enough today, asks a Fin24 user.
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How I travel the world for free
A trader by day, a writer by night - Fin24 user Hasmita Nair tells how she can live like the rich and famous without having to fork out a cent.
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Construction industry has failed the youth
There is a pool of bright young graduates whose talents are not being harnessed because of innovation challenges, says an expert.
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Open letter to women
This is your time to liberate yourself psychologically, physically, financially and otherwise, writes Tumelo Mashile.
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Nkandla entrepreneur: I don’t have to be a man to succeed
Chocolatier Nontwenhle Mchunu tells how she found her freedom as an entrepreneur by embracing her femininity.
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A life of architecture and zoo biscuits
Chasing money as the single source of wealth may be a foolhardy investment, says Fin24 user Anél Potgieter.
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Sweeping up awards
Daughter of a domestic Cynthia Mkhombo today runs a 1 500-strong cleaning services firm.
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Plan B for SA families
Ever mulled living overseas? Jenny Ellinas researched all the permanent residency schemes available to South Africans and the island of Cyprus came out tops.
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We can't wait for government for change
Social entrepreneur Louise van Rhyn says South Africans should start thinking like co-workers of the country and start creating the future.
No half measures for construction pioneer
As chief financial officer of Group Five Cristina Teixeira is the only woman CFO within the engineering and construction sector among listed companies.
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Cheers for seven sisters
Vivian Kleynhans and her six sisters have overcome the odds and family hardships to become entrepreneurs in the competitive wine industry by daring to dream.
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Rape costs rands
Gender-based violence has a high economic price, says Mandi Smallhorne.
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