Women own only 1% of global property

Neglecting female development despite women performing 66% of the world's work, will result in slowed economic growth, says Bwasa head Claire Mathonsi.

Call to transform maritime sector
There are many opportunities in SA's maritime sector, but it needs to be unlocked for women and black women in particular, says Minister of Transport Dipuo Peters.
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Judy Dlamini appointed to Anglo's board
Anglo American has appointed Judy Dlamini to its board in the United Kingdom.
SA's women entrepreneurs spread wealth more
Women are more likely to share wealth and resources with family, employees and shareholders, according to research.
Coke set to give SA free drinking water
Coca-Cola says it is unlikely to charge rural communities for safe drinking water from its Ekocenter project, that will be operated by female entrepreneurs.
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Female miners must wear two-piece - NUM
The National Union of Mineworkers says providing clothing to female workers is a problem, adding that they need a two-piece overall.
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Support for women in construction
A new partnership wants to ensure that more is done to enable more women to achieve and succeed in the construction industry.
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Sisulu urges women to use law as liberator
Public Service Minister Lindiwe Sisulu has urged female lawyers to utilise the law as a weapon against all forms of injustice in the country.
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No more wearing hard hats made for men
Studies show more than 2.6 million women in South Africa require some form of protective personal equipment as part of their work requirement.
Ramphele: Govt stealing from the poor
The ANC government is abusing its power and has been stealing from impoverished people for over two decades, says Agang SA leader Mamphela Ramphele.
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Marcus: Black women not only domestics
The assumption that black women are only domestic workers affects their progress in the business sector and needs to be fought, says Reserve Bank governor Gill Marcus.
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Women much better at handling debt
Many men wait until it is too late to do much about their debt situation, according to a survey.
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Be prepared for life's curve balls
Your retirement could make up only 35% of your lifetime, but inflation makes it the most expensive portion so be sure to plan for unexpected events.
Mobile money drawing women into economy
Marginalised women in Africa are entering the economy for the first time, aided by the evolution of mobile technology.
Tutu: Undermining women hurts SA
The Desmond and Leah Tutu and Frederick Van Zyl Slabbert foundations have joined forces to focus on the implementation of gender reconciliation.
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Men trump women on bonuses
On average women receive less than half the amount of bonus that men do, exacerbating the existing pay gap of almost 25% between men and women, a study shows.
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SA airport queen spreads her wings
Bongiwe Pityi is guiding Brazil’s biggest airport through a massive upgrade ahead of the soccer World Cup next year.
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