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2013-09-01 18:14
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women For many women their bodies fall short of being perfect, says Saffron Baggalay. ~ Shutterstock
Cape Town - Everybody needs a way to cope with change.

These are the words of Saffron Baggalay, who is the director of Tomorrow Today, an organisation looking at the context in which the world is changing and what drives that change.

"The world is in chaos and change - that's not in dispute - and people respond either in crisis or with complacency."

However, Baggalay shares how women can respond with competency and calm. The best way this can be done is to build one's own self-esteem, she added.

"So I've the privilege of working with many women in building their self-esteem for the last couple of years and the message that I bring to them is that we need to see ourselves as women of value and worth."

She said it seems like an easy concept, but it's actually very difficult to live with the feeling of value and worth.

There are two things primarily, said Baggalay, which women have to do in order to engage with the concept on an almost emotional level.

"The first is that you have to give yourself permission to believe that you deserve and the second is you have to recognise what competencies you need to live with the feeling of value and worth."

Baggalay said women are surrounded by systems that don't support or build our self-esteem.

"Our systems could be anything from our family system, our organisational system, government systems, environmental systems, economic systems, but the system that I always use an example in terms of self-esteem is our body.

"Our body is a system and for many women their body falls short of the perfect image of what a woman is supposed to be according to the media," she said.

"So in that we are being challenged in terms of our self-esteem. I don't even fit in as a body to what I should be. But if we can build our self-esteem, if we can truly see ourselves inside as a person of value and worth then we can support the idea that we are of value as opposed to fall short because the system we live in isn't perfect."  
“So how do we give ourselves permission to feel like we deserve to feel worthy?” asked Baggalay.

She said there are a series of things that need to be done, adding "it isn't easy, nor is it a quick fix".

"It is almost like a lifestyle choice that we have to live by if we choose to. And that's the piont - it's a choice.

"Some of the things that we can look at to build our self-esteem are things like learning how to speak assertively."

Watch the video to hear what Baggalay proposes:

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