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A self-made millionaire, Ann believes anyone can become financially free as a result of their own efforts and abilities, but most people have just never been taught how. Through The Wealth Chef, Ann provides anyone who has the desire to achieve financial freedom, all the recipes and menus they need to create abundant wealth. A South African, a twin and number five of six kids, Ann studied Civil Engineering and worked all over the world on exciting infrastructure projects, whilst figuring out this money stuff. From her last corporate General Management role, making sure US$8bn was spent effectively on infrastructure delivery via a team of 200+ contract professionals, Ann now spends her time doing what she loves most; making money grow through her property and equity portfolios, walking her dog and camera in beautiful places, and teaching others the recipes for wealth so they too can be free to live their lives on their terms. Her journey to financial freedom wasn’t always smooth.... In fact in the twenty plus years she has been learning about money, money management, debt, investments and wealth she kissed a lot of real wealth “frogs”, crashed and burned on a few “easy money schemes”, lost and gained money confidence, and at times felt really despondent about ever getting her wealth sorted. But she did and along the way discovered that there are only a handful of core ‘recipes’ for wealth, which if learnt and consistently applied, financial freedom is guaranteed.

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