What it takes to be a lawyer

An expert in consumer law shares her views on women and the legal profession.

Vital to make time for retirement planning
It is more critical than ever for women to take responsibility for their own financial future and plan accordingly, says a wealth manager.
The best place to invest your savings
A Fin24 user is considering leaving her job. She is looking for the best place to invest her savings. Our Savings Hero, Jeanette Marais advises.
Credit amnesty won't erase your debt
Like many, a Fin24 user wants to know if her debt will be written off under the proposed credit amnesty.
Saving my son's future
A Fin24 user wants to gain full custody of his son to secure his financial future. Ann Wilson gives him some advice.
Never too late to save
A 42-year-old fears she has left it too late to start saving for her retirement.
Entitled to rental income in COP
Many women do not know what their rights are when married in community of property. A user wants to know if she is entitled to a share of rental income.
Sharing of assets in a divorce
A breadwinner wants to know if she has to "share" her assets acquired before her marriage - in the event of a divorce.
Debt Review and retrenchment
A user wants to know if she can apply for Debt Review if she is retrenched. Our Debt Genie, Moeshfieka Botha advises.
Incurring debt whilst under Debt Review
A user wants to know if she can buy a vehicle on credit while she is under Debt Review. Our Debt Genie, Moeshfieka Botha advises.
How your credit record affects your job prospects
A Fin24 user wants to know if prospective employer can hold your adverse credit record against you. Our Debt Genie, Moeshfieka Botha advises.
Men want to shift debt blame
Men tend to be aggressive when it comes to debt, says Shepard Silayi from debt counselling firm Credit Matters.
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Living together: know your rights
If you're in a live-in relationship, it makes sense to bone up on what the law says you're entitled to.
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Rewarding investment funds
A Fin24 user has a diverse investment portfolio and is looking for more rewarding investment funds to invest in. Our Wealth Chef, Ann Wilson, advises her.
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