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    The fund says it would be wrong to dismiss R250bn Eskom bailout proposal without all the facts.

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Junk status - what it means and what investors should know

By Renee Eagar, CFP Professional

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Brenthurst Wealth Management

Mauritius: The new property hot spot

Nov 20 2019 11:52

As the South African property market continues to struggle with low to flat price growth in most areas, coupled with pressure on rentals and rental growth earned by property investors, astute investors are looking elsewhere for better performance.

Brenthurst Wealth Management

Consider your options as the state eyes your pension

Oct 18 2019 13:54

While speculation abounds and scare tactics surface every now and then, details are scant about the State’s plan to prescribe SA’s pension funds, there are however options each investor should consider to protect their retirement benefits.

Brenthurst Wealth Management

Regulation 28: How limited offshore allocation affected investment returns

Oct 03 2019 13:05

By Suzean Haumann, Certified Financial Planner, Brenthurst Wealth.

Brenthurst Wealth Management

New Brenthurst global equity fund shows its mettle

Jun 03 2019 13:39

This investment offers local investors exposure to global top index trackers and ETFs, including Vanguard and Black Rock.

Brenthurst Wealth Management

The road to poverty ...

Jun 03 2019 13:39

South Africa’s massive investment industry must be secretly very happy with the fact that the decimation of journalism in South Africa, and financial journalism in particular, has led to very poor and superficial reporting on local investment trends.

Brenthurst Wealth Management

Why use a wealth manager

May 30 2019 11:20

See what the benefits are of getting a wealth manager versus investing on your own.

Brenthurst Wealth Management

World of Investment Seminar

May 29 2019 14:01

Book for the Brenthurst seminar series this June


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Brenthurst Wealth Management

The true financial cost of hurricane Jacob

May 29 2019 15:12

Wasted decade, wasteland economy.

Brenthurst Wealth Management

Careful consideration required by public servants considering early retirement

May 30 2019 09:50

By Brian Butchart, Managing Director and CFP of Brenthurst Wealth Management.

Brenthurst Wealth Management

Caution: Investment speed bumps ahead

May 29 2019 15:32

ADVERTORIAL by Brenthurst Wealth Management

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Time to open your eyes

Jun 04 2019 11:05

By Magnus Heystek, Director and Investment Strategist, Brenthurst Wealth

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