SIM-swap fraud protection: Users have their say

2016-03-31 12:47
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MTN. (Duncan Alfreds, Fin24)


Fin24 users have expressed their views on MTN’s move to tighten up its SIM-swap measures.

On Wednesday, Fin24 reported that mobile operator MTN is driving a new SIM-swap strategy to try limit the incidents of fraudulent swaps that have seen people lose thousands of rands.

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Measures that MTN plans to implement include putting a halt to activation of SIM swaps processing between 20:00 and 07:00.

"By restricting the activation of SIM swaps during working hours, MTN has ensured that customers are given an opportunity to detect and approve SIM swap requests,” MTN said.

“During the month of April, MTN will embark on a campaign where it encourages its customers to provide a secondary number or e-mail address for SIM swap verification purposes," added MTN.

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The move by MTN to tighten its SIM-swap procedures comes after a number of reports of a SIM-swap scandal involving the mobile network and banking giant FNB.

In turn, Fin24 users have responded to the move by MTN regarding its SIM-swap procedures.

“Yes I think it will work, at least now the Security will be tight than before,” said Fin24 user Sphiwe.

Fin24 user Ncukho wrote:

“The whole system must be done face to face with presentation of identity document and proof of address. No telephone or SMS activation. I have  lost  a lot of money  through  simple swap scam...Last week , I was a victim and even the past two years  same  story  no compensation.”

Fin24 user Andries has reservations about MTN’s security drive:

“This will never work as the main source of these activities is from inside. Employees responsible should be dealt with severely. To restrict the time frame is in my opinion a big joke and not a lasting solution “

Fin24 user Nicola, meanwhile, said: “It's a step on the right direction but still tighter controls are needed”.

Fin24 user Gugulethu wrote:

“Well I don’t think it will work, for as long there’s rotten apples within MTN. The best suggestion would be as follows:

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