Samsung vs Apple - Fin24 users have their say

2016-02-23 10:53
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Koh Dong Jin, president of mobile communications at Samsung Electronics Co., holds the Galaxy S7 smartphone, left, and the Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone at the Samsung Unpacked launch event ahead of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, on Sunday, February 21, 2016. (Bloomberg)


Samsung’s launch of its S7 smartphone range this week has reinvigorated the battle it has with rival Apple.

Ahead of the Mobile World Congress in Spain, Samsung on Sunday unveiled its S7 range which sport over 5.1-inch screens, memory-card slots and longer-life batteries.

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Amid the new launch, Fin24 asked users to have their say on which phone brand they prefer: Samsung or Apple.

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And here is what they had to say.

An anonymous Fin24 user wrote:

I have owned both - went from Apple to Samsung back to Apple. My reason is simple Apple products are better at synchronising data between devices and platforms. If Samsung could do the same i would be back with a Galaxy as I like Android more than IOS.

Sent from planet Earth.

Fin24 user Jabulani wrote:

Samsung is the best

Bringing back the memory card slot and the water resistance capability is a good move.

With the faster processor and longer battery span being improved its gonna make it very reliable.

The best part about Samsung when compared to Apple is that it can act as a removable device on all CPUs and you don’t need a ‘middleman’ such as  iTunes to add media.

I’m just worried about the pricing...

Fin24 user Hein wrote:

I am a Apple fan and will stay one as long as Apple exist.

Apple is just so much better, better operation system, more apps and not plastic like Samsung.

Love my iPhone

Fin24 user Mbongeli wrote:

Good day,

I am a Samsung fan since the days of Samsung D500 and cannot wait for this new cellphone. Last year I could not buy the S6 because my S5 that I bought the previous year was still intact as it still is right now.

My S5 once fall inside the bath full of hot water and nothing happened to it, because it is water and rust resistant.

I enjoy the music application where you can group your songs into different categories i.e jazz, gospel, blues, soul or rock & roll which usually assist me to play songs according to the mood of the day.The S-Health application also kept me fit by recording my daily exercises...

Hola 7!

Fin24 user Catherine wrote:

Apple! I trust their quality, innovation and product testing. If a competing smartphone developer incorporates a useful new feature in their phones that my iPhone doesn't have, I don't mind waiting a bit for Apple to incorporate a properly tested version when they're ready.