'R120k for a laptop? You must be crazy' - Fin24 users

2016-03-09 11:38
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Asus Rog GX700 laptop. (The Notebook Company)


Cape Town – While many Fin24 users love the specs of a pricey new laptop, the price is a turn-off to some.

Fin24 recently reported that The Notebook Company is offering an Asus Rog GX700 laptop aimed at gamers for R120 000.

“It is truly expensive. I would not buy one even if I had more than enough money to do so. Any gaming gear gets outdated quicker than I could open the door to the fridge. Good for people who make a job out of gaming as they do not pay for their gear,” said Fin24 user Clinton.

“That's just crazy money for a laptop. I like my games every now and then, especially iRacing, but my R10k MacMini does the job just fine. Would rather spend that money on a holiday or a real race car. PCs and just about any electronics out there don't hold their value,” wrote Fin24 user Zane.

While a number of people said they would not be able to afford such an expensive laptop, Fin24 user Ernie postulated that status may play a role driving purchase decisions.

“Gaming on a laptop, with the purpose of playing it on your lap, is a no-no. You will find people with more money than brains that will buy it for the prestige - but I don't think true gamers will fall for it. A top of the line laptop will never match a top of the line PC, with the former costing three to four times the price of its equivalent PC (and not be as good as the PC).”

Fin24 user Keith was concerned about insurance: “All I can say is: ‘Are you mad? No ways will I spend R120 000 on a notebook. Can you imagine what the insurance costs are like?”

Despite the laptop being priced at the cost of a new car, Christopher Riley, chief executive of The Notebook Company said there was “lots of positive feedback” in the gaming gadget.

Other Fin24 users have also expressed their desire for the computer.

“I would definitely fork over R100 000 for laptop. I travel a lot to remote destinations, where in the comfort of whatever destinations the company puts me, I can keep myself out of trouble. I am a CAD engineer and a definite gamer,” wrote Fin24 user shanowano39.

“Yes I would fork out over R120 000 for gaming laptop considering it is probably the best gaming device in the world. At the moment I wouldn’t be able to afford such a beast, I’m still stuck on an old Asus M3A MoB with DDR2 RAM and an outdated AMD CPU I’m desperately trying to save up to upgrade. If this is a competition then consider this my application,” added Fin24 user C Elliott.

Another Fin24 user drooled at the prospect of a top-end laptop.

“If money was no object, sure I would spend that on a laptop for gaming. Lol who am I kidding - I would more than likely sell off one of my small children for it,” said Fin24 user Chad.

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