Dismay over WhatsApp ditching BlackBerry, Nokia

2016-02-29 16:23
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Johannesburg - Some Fin24 users have expressed their displeasure at WhatsApp deciding to discontinue its service on several older and fringe operating systems.

In a blog post on the weekend, WhatsApp said it plans to kill support for its app on the following operating systems by the end of 2016: BlackBerry (including BlackBerry 10), Nokia S40, Nokia Symbian S60, Android 2.1 and Android 2.2 and Windows Phone 7.1.

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WhatsApp - which is used by one billion people and owned by Facebook - explained that while these mobile devices have been an “important part of our story, they don't offer the kind of capabilities we need to expand our app's features in the future”.

In turn, some Fin24 users have explained why they disapprove of this move by WhatsApp.

Fin24 user Bennie wrote:

“I use a BlackBerry 10 device and use WhatsApp for work. Facebook won't care about a little person like me. It will force me to buy an Android based phone, which I will hate with a passion. “

Fin24 user Francisco wrote:

“Why can't they just do it like BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) does, allow the choice of using older versions even if not officially supported and without access to newer features. WhatsApp does everything I want it to, as it is. WhatsApp forces its updates and does not allow usage until updates are completed.

Older Blackberry systems and BIS (BlackBerry Internet Services) still offers unlimited, affordable internet access to many South Africans. What about users who simply cannot afford more expensive phones or find their existing systems adequate? It seems to be a principle of gentrification applied to instant messaging - make it only available to those who use expensive phones.”

Fin24 user Joseph wrote:

“This is really not fair I've just bought a BlackBerry 10 Leap and I was very certain this phone was going to last longer and now it seems like I'm just going to have to buy another one since I enjoy WhatsApp more than anything,they should just stop updating our versions and focus on Android then.”

Fin24 user Elaine-Mari said:

“My whole family uses BlackBerry as phones. This is a cheap and effective way of communication and research for us. Running BBM on Android phones is very expensive and is thus not done in our family.

By killing support for WhatsApp on Blackberry, they are going to lose quite a few users.

But then again…. Facebook Messenger can be used - I just need to give my kids (under 12) a Facebook account. Maybe that is their plan all along.

Not good Mark (Zuckerberg), not good.”

Meanwhile, Fin24 user Guy said he can’t understand why WhatsApp is ditching the BlackBerry 10 operating system, which is among the Canadian smartphone maker’s latest software versions:

“In reply to your article... with respect I do not think that the BlackBerry 10 operating system can even be compared to BlackBerry 7 or Nokia Symbian. The OS is only around 3 years old and is arguably the best OS on the market today. I think it is very unfortunate that WhatsApp will stop support for BlackBerry 10.”

Fin24 user Charles said WhatsApp’s move is a “pity”:

“My wife uses Nokia E72 which has Symbian S60 OS. It's a pity that WhatsApp will be discontinued for this OS - will now be forced to buy a new phone.”

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