'Can you believe it! I still use cassettes' - Fin24 users

2016-03-11 15:47
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Cassettes are slowly making a comeback, according to an article that appeared on Fin24 earlier this week.

The report cited how US rapper Eminem has recently announced that he is re-releasing The Slim Shady LP, originally released in 1999, on cassette tape.

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Other international artists including Kanye West and Justin Bieber have also released their latest albums on cassette tape, according to the story.

Responding to the article then, several Fin24 users have said that they’re also using cassette tapes.

Fin24 user Ari wrote:

“I still have a small collection of what were high-end quality audio cassettes in the 90s - also I wear a hearing aid (I am 64) and love sound. I would rather use a portable ‘walkman’ with cassettes than a portable CD player. ?Naturally in the car it would be a different story...”

Fin24 user Mohammed wrote:

“I have been using cassettes since Pa fell of the bus. I am so glad that the cassettes are coming back. The problem with the disc was when played in the motor vehicle and gets scratched then the did is useless but with cassettes although this also gets damaged it is not so easily damaged. Whoopee this is awesome news. Bring it on.

Fin24 user James also said that he still uses cassettes:

“Indeed I do still use cassettes, in my car and at home on a 1986 B&O tape deck. Sounds as good as a CD!”

But Fin24 user Innocent wrote:

“Using cassette players is a waste of time in which cassettes only‎ contain less than 16 songs.”

Another Fin24 user Mpho wrote:

“A big no, streaming is the only way. What a waste of time.”

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