LG to bring new energy efficient appliances to SA

2017-05-23 13:37 - Kyle Venktess, Fin24
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LG Refrigerator with InstaView


Seoul - South Korean electronics manufacturer LG is looking to make home appliances smarter and more energy efficient for South Africans.

The company announced at its headquarters in Seoul that its new line-up of home appliances would be fitted with its new smart inverter technology.

The new technology aims to make devices in the home more energy efficient by adjusting power consumption to the exact amount required by the user.

Inverter technology goes beyond basic operations of conventional appliances to make them more eco-friendly and offer better performance to make them more energy saving. 

The technology changes direct current to alternating current, to precisely adjust power to the need of the consumer.

New washing machines heading to SA

LG announced that its new washing machine series, the Titan Classic would be brought to South Africa by the end of 2017.

The TwinWash is able to complete big loads in just under an hour and wash two separate loads simultaneously with the TwinWash's mini washer. 

LG are looking for the mini wash to be compatible with older models of washing machine from the manufacturer from as early as 2009. 
Refrigerators offering views of content without opening 

Some of LG's new refrigerators will be fitted with the company's InstaView technology which will allow owners to view the contents of the fridge without the need for opening the door by just tapping the screen. 

LG says that by not opening the door of the fridge, the appliance is more energy efficient and keeps contents fresher. 

The new refrigerators also feature a camera on the inside, which allows the owner to assess the contents using a smartphone app, while shopping for groceries. This is also aimed at savings since it would avoid the consumer of buying unnecessary items. 

LG boasts that the refrigerator is 32% more energy efficient than previous models. 

More evenly distributed heat

Also heading to SA by year-end are LG's new NeoChef Microwaves with smart inverter technology. 

The microwave is boasted to offer better heat distribution than conventional ovens. 

LG says that its new appliances will all be WiFi enabled to create an IoT (Internet of Things) eco-system with other LG products.

Refrigerators and microwaves from the manufacturer have been undergoing verification tests to meet South African standards. 

* Kyle Venktess is currently in Seoul, South Korea for Fin24 on invitation from LG South Africa.

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