Here comes the Vision Van

2017-06-01 18:24 - Carin Smith
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Leipzig – Mercedes Benz demonstrated its Vision Van at the International Transport Forum (ITF) Summit in Leipzig on Wednesday.

The van is aimed at intelligently networked delivery for the future and features fully automated cargo space.

It has no steering wheel, just a joy stick. It is driven by a 75kW electric drive system with a range of up to 270km.

According to Thomas Moser, manager prototypes and show cars at Daimler, the Vision Van presents a visionary van concept for urban areas.

“The approach is that of a holistic system that integrates numerous innovative technologies for final-stage delivery. It, therefore, sets the performance standards and solutions for future van generations,” said Moser.

It has a fully automatic cargo space and three drones mounted on the roof for delivery and it can take only 30 seconds to deliver from the van to the customer (via a special docking port).

According to Moser, the Vision Van system can reduce loading the van from 1.5 hours to a mere five minutes, for instance. The drones are fully autonomous in their delivery from the van and up to three deliveries can be done at the same time within a radius of about 20km.

The project does not have permission to go on public roads at present.

“The next step of the project will, therefore, be to demonstrate a pilot run in public space,” explained Moser.

*Fin24 is a guest of the ITF at its summit.