WATCH: This R300 000 hoverboard really flies

2015-12-29 12:58 - Gareth van Zyl
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This hoverboard brings the promise of real flight. (Supplied)


Johannesburg - Hoverboards may not be the realm of science-fiction movies like Back to the Future for much longer.

This is as Arca Space Corporation - an aerospace company which has its roots in Romania - has created a hoverboard powered by batteries and 36 electric ducted fans.

The device called the ‘ArcaBoard’ - which looks clunky in form-factor - has 272 horsepower and promises a flight time of up to six minutes for riders weighing a maximum of 80kg. For riders heavier than this and weighing up to 110kg, Arca Space Corporation is promising hover times of 3 minutes.

Sensors further limit the board to a maximum speed of 20km/h and the board costs $19 900. The board was officially launched on Christmas Eve last week.

Plenty devices that promise hovering capabilities have been launched in the past.

For example, this year car company Lexus teased with videos of its hoverboard that only works on magnetic surfaces.

WATCH: Has Lexus developed a real hoverboard?

Meanwhile, California startup Arx Pax is building the Hendo Hoverboard which is expected to cost $10 000 and also uses magnetic technology. The Arx Pax can only ride over copper and aluminium surfaces.

The ArcaBoard, though, promises to fly over any surface as it simply uses a form of jet propulsion.

Watch videos of the ArcaBoard below.

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