Exploding Note 7 costumes steal Halloween's scariest do-ups

2016-10-31 10:02 - Kyle Venktess, Fin24
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A Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Halloween costume.


Johannesburg - The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is set to be among the scariest costumes for Halloween this year. 

Amid scores of Game of Thrones characters, the iconic Harley Quinn villainess from Suicide Squad, Hillary Clintons and Donald Trumps; the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 do-up has stolen the show with costumes going viral on social media. 

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Global production of the Note 7 was killed off by Samsung after numerous devices across the world were reported to have exploded with a battery fault blamed for the incidents. 

The Note 7 controversy spawned the likes of what had been dubbed by social media users as the scariest Halloween costume this year – with some clad in a full Note 7 costume burned on the edges, while others chose more innovative Note 7-inspired garments.

The exploding device also spawned scores of internet memes to celebrate Halloween.

After numerous exploding devices were reported in the US and Asia, Samsung did a global recall of the device. 

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The company urged Note 7 users to immediately switch off their device, stop using it altogether and get a refund. 

The company originally introduced the Note 7 in August and then recalled the initial shipment of 2.5 million phones after a spate of battery fires. 

Banning by airlines

The Note 7 was banned by numerous airlines across the world earlier this year, including South African Airways (SAA). 

SAA previously told Fin24: “South African Airways has taken a decision to prohibit the charging of Samsung Note 7 mobile phones on board all its aircraft.”

This similar stance was taken by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and four other Australian airlines. 

The highly anticipated 'phablet' smartphone was launched in South Africa in early-August, boasting a major upgrade and newer features when compared to its predecessor. 

Chris MoldyFilters uploaded this clip of his steaming 'Note 7' costume on YouTube which shortly went viral just before Halloween.

Two DJ decided to become exploding Note 7s themselves, clad as smoking smartphone.

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