Here’s how much it costs to cancel your phone contract

2016-06-30 15:16
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Johannesburg - Cancelling your cellphone contract could cost you thousands of rands, says local phone bill monitoring company Tariffic.

As part of its contract tracker data for the second quarter of 2016, Tariffic studied how much it costs to cancel four types of packages for customers.

The company said it called operators’ call centers to request termination quotes for various contracts. Tariffic then also tapped its optimisation software to analyse the costs.

“Based on our analysis, we found that Vodacom was usually the most expensive when it comes to cancellation fees (in 3 out of 4 cases), followed by MTN, while Cell C and Telkom were usually the cheapest,” said Tariffic.

“We also find that regardless of your circumstances, it’s not cheap to terminate your cellphone contract. Tshepo, our user with the least months remaining on her contract, still has to pay in a minimum of R3 300 or a maximum of R4 852 to terminate her contract. Dineo, who has 18 months left on her contract will pay anywhere between R9 931 and R15 377,” added Tariffic.

The company emphasised that variations in cancellation costs depend on how long is left on a contract, how much is being paid monthly, the cost of the cellphone and, in some cases, admin fees.

“The fees you would have to pay for early cancellation show exactly how much you are spending on your cellphone contracts over your contract period,” said the company.

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View the Traffic package cancellation comparisons below:

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