Nokia 3310 'a refreshing digital detox' for smartphone-weary users

2017-05-30 13:53 - Kyle Venktess, Fin24
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Shaun Durandt.


Johannesburg - The Nokia 3310 will offer a refreshing digital detox, former Nokia South Africa managing director and now general manager for HMD Global Southern Africa HMD Shaun Durandt told Fin24. 

“We are massively excited to bring the 3310 to South Africa. The market has moved so significantly towards smartphones since the launch of the first 3310 in 2000, but today the device will offer a digital detox,” Durandt said.

Durandt told Fin24 he believes smartphones can become invasive and an over-indulgence, yet people feel disconnected without one. 

“The 3310 is offering a nostalgic connection and bringing back so many memories, but it has become significantly better in terms of the screen, battery life and talk time. Our priority was to bring the fundamentals to the device,” he said. 

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With its low price point in comparison to mobile devices available on the market today, the 3310 is in now in a different bracket compared to when it was a premium phone after its first launch almost a decade ago.

Durandt said that the rebooted 3310 allows its user to take a break from continuous usage of a smartphone. 

“The 3310 is for the outdoorsy person, who will update their Facebook status and let their friends know they’re going camping for the weekend and still be able to make and receive calls and send text messages,” he told Fin24. 

In a surprise move, HMD announced the 3310 will be available in South Africa on Monday from Cell C, in the iconic dark blue with a matte finish. 

It will retail at estimated price of R749. 

MTN will offer the 3310 in three colours: warm red and yellow, both with a gloss finish, and dark blue with a matte finish. It will retail at an estimated price of R699 and be available from mid-June from MTN partners.

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Finnish manufacturer HMD rebooted the iconic mobile phone after 17 years. It is reminiscent of the original, with a few more features and some new accents in its aesthetic appeal. 

First launched in the year 2000, the 3310 became one of the most popular cellphones in South Africa and one of the most successful in the world.

After HMD acquired Nokia's licensing rights, the focus of the company shifted to producing a device with no internet access, while the company relied on love for the brand to spark the nostalgia of its customers – making it no surprise that Nokia’s most popular cellphone would be re-released.

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