LG drops price of its new G6 flagship phone

2017-04-12 08:50 - Kyle Venktess, Fin24
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Johannesburg - South Korean manufacturer LG has dropped the price of its newly-launched flagship smartphone, the G6, by over R 2000. 

At an event in Johannesburg last week the G6 device was launched at a selling point of R14 629, marginally higher than competing smartphones. However, at the time the company had not finalised deals with local operators. 

LG SA on Tuesday confirmed that the device’s price has dropped to R12 099. 

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This now places the G6 in a new, more competitive price bracket for the features included in the device. 

After some usage of the device, the G6 has proved its worth and shown that ditching add-on accessories for an all-round better smartphone was the best route for the company to go in its flagship segment since the launch of the modular LG G5. 

The all-new design of the G6 works for the device. It adopts a far larger screen to body ratio with rounded edges along the screen’s border, and at the same time offers a more wall-to-wall display. This is not as evident in devices such as the S8 but definitely more so than smartphones released from 2016 until now, which could also be ushering in the trend of bezel-less smartphones. 

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The screen size makes for a great display, and for viewing content on the device. 

With the S8 yet to enter the market officially, the G6 is likely the dominant smartphone screen available right now, with a 5.7 inch display spanning almost the entire face of the device. 

Even though it offers a large display, almost the size of a phablet, the G6 still maintains a regular size overall, keeping a shape which is even smaller than recently-released smartphones like the Hisense C30 Rock. This device, although doesn’t compete in the same segment, is a bigger smartphone with a smaller screen than the G6. 

It is a bit disappointing that LG has dropped some of the specifications on the LG6 from its predecessor the G5. But the device’s camera doesn’t lack much from the previous model, even offering a convenient GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) feature which quickly turns photos into moving pictures, for those who know GIF files.

Battery life for the G6 is as long as one would expect it to be - a full day of high usage on a single charge, enough to last till the user gets home and is able to charge again. 

The battery isn’t as impressive as many phablet smartphones, but for a device with such a large display battery life is long enough. 

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The device also features a convenient, always-on display, showing time and notifications all day.

Another win for the G6 is that its fingerprint scanner is conveniently placed at the back of the device, so unlocking is made easier. 

The downside is that the scanner is embedded in the sleep button, so putting the device to sleep and waking it up can only be done when it is held in the hand. 

This device is now available to South African consumers on contract, bundled with a 64GB SD Card and Tone Ultra Headphones from Vodacom, MTN and Telkom. As stated above, the recommended retail price is R12 099.

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