LG bolt on new OLED TV range for SA

2017-04-25 17:12 - Kyle Venktess, Fin24
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Johannesburg - South Korean electronics manufacturer LG on Tuesday announced a new line of OLED TVs which will set a benchmark for premium TVs in South Africa.

The sets are expected to arrive by June.

The OLED TV, which is as thin as just four credit cards stacked on top of each other, will be available around the country. The OLED technology is touted as being the best in the market for home viewing experience.

LED (light-emitting diode) TVs use a series of lights and liquid to produce a picture on the screen.

OLED (organic light-emitting diode) TVs make use of molecules and light produced by electricity to form a display picture. The new technology results in a clearer, sharper picture.

OLED also produces pure black, which results in brighter and more vivid colours.

The thickness of an OLED TV is the size of four credit cards.

LG’s OLED TVs allow contrast maximisation to produce more black-and-white colour to produce a better picture.

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The contrast ratio on the OLED is also infinite and every pixel of the screen is self-illuminating.

But OLED TVs come at a cost – a 55 inch could cost up to R65 000. 

OLED expert, LG’s Dean Daffue said that the OLED was very unlikely to depreciate in value. 

“We have seen that, because of the effort and heavy manufacturing process involved in producing an OLED TV, the price of the technology has not decreased as with other technologies in TV,” Daffue told Fin24. 

“Typically a user who would purchase a R65 000 TV, we expect would not mind purchasing a larger TV for R90 000 with a larger screen,” he added.   

OLED TVs make use of different technology, when compared to ULED TVs by Hisense and QLED by Samsung, with OLED offering more contrast.

However, the debate still continues as to which technology is the best. 

LG’s OLED TVs are Smart TVs and see massive innovations in the software interface, offering a fluid and efficient user experience.

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