Google expected to unveil 'Pixel' smartphones

2016-10-04 13:40 - Kyle Venktess, Fin24
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Google is expected to launch their next smartphone on October 4.


Johannesburg - Google is set to unveil its new smartphones on Tuesday, with details of the device already leaked on the internet. 

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL are set to be announced later on Tuesday.

The full specifications and details around the devices are still unknown, but it is expected that the Pixel will feature a 5-inch display, while the XL will be a phablet size 5.5-inch device. 

If online speculation is to be believed, the devices will feature the latest Snapdragon 821 processor seen recently in the Xiaomi Mi5 S devices, 4 gigabytes of RAM, 32 or 128 gigabytes of internal storage and a 2779 mAh battery. 

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Numerous online blogs and Android websites have featured images of the devices. 

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Steve Hemmerstoffer, blogger behind major smartphone leaks including the iPhone 7, tweeted images of the devices ahead of the official  unveiling.

Later on Tuesday, it will also be revealed whether Google chose to partner with Taiwanese manufacturer HTC for production of the device.  

Since 2010, Google has partnered with major electronics manufacturers with their first device - the Nexus One - being developed in partnership with Taiwanese company HTC.

The Nexus and Galaxy Nexus were both produced by Samsung in 2010 and 2011. Meanwhile in 2012 and 2013, LG produced the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5, with the Nexus 6 manufactured by Motorola Mobility in 2014. 

Another rumor around Tuesday’s launch is that Google will ditch its iconic Nexus brand in favour of just a “G”.

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