Camera company makes world's first holographic phone

2017-07-07 11:44 - Kyle Venktess, Fin24
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RED Hydrogen One


Johannesburg - High-end digital camera manufacturer RED has plans afoot to release a multi-view holographic smartphone display. 

In a blog post on the RED website, Jim Jannard, founder of the California-based company, described the company’s feat as “incredible”.

“It is multi-view (4-view) as compared to stereo 3D (2-view). Watching shocked faces light up when people see it is really motivating. There is no good way to describe it until you see it,” Jannard said.

He added the technology has never been seen before and is not lenticular, as was seen on glasses-less 3D screens like the Nintendo 3DS and some older smartphones.

“Lenticular display dramatically lowers resolution, cannot be turned off for standard 2D content, only works in one direction (usually landscape), has colour crosstalk… to name just a few issues,” Jannard said. 

“My bet is that other 'big' companies will try to re-package lenticular 3D displays with eye-tracking in response to our program. Don’t fall for it,” he added.

After over a decade of manufacturing cinema cameras for up to 8K resolution, RED is expected to venture into the smartphone space with a device known as the Hydrogen One.

The smartphone is expected to feature internal storage and an external micro SD card slot, a headphone jack and a selfie and rear camera. 

Feature specifications of the smartphone include a 5.7 inch display which will allow seamless transition between 2D, holographic and 3D content.

RED is known for the production of high-end cameras, but Jannard said the smartphone won't feature a cinema-quality camera. 

“What we will have is a modular system that adds image quality well beyond any other camera short of our professional cameras,” he said.

The tagline for the smartphone on the RED website reads: “The world’s first holographic media machine. In your pocket. No glasses needed.”

The device is currently on pre-order only in the US, and priced at $1595 for the Titanium edition and $1 195 for the Aluminum edition.

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