Acer Predator Z35 adds extra gaming dimension

2016-04-11 10:38 - Kyle Venktess, The Witness
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The Acer Predator Z35 curved screen monitor allows users to have a surreal and more immersive gaming experience.


Pietermaritzburg - The Acer Predator Z35 monitor brings a new dimension of “gaming lust” to the (LAN) party.

The full HD curved display, which offers users a more unique experience, definitely takes gaming to the next level.

And it’s not called a “Predator” for nothing. The monitor has a futuristic aggressive design enough to even make those we do not game much, envious.

Apart from the massive 35 inch curved screen itself, the Predator Z35 features a customisable underglow to further enhance its aesthetic appeal. The underglow is changeable to a variety of colours providing subtle ambience when using it.

Under the hood, Acer implemented some serious technologies to design one of the best gaming screens available on the market.

The GameView technology, adjustable through buttons on the unit, allow the user to adjust dark boost levels and colour adjustments are made just as easily through the same buttons, to avoid hassles during gameplay.

Custom settings on the monitor can also be saved and toggled through the button used to adjust settings on it.

The Predator Z35 offers an ultra wide experience which enhances panoramic views during gaming or even movies. While doing this the curved screen also offers a deeper and more immersive feel.

The monitor has a 21:9 aspect ratio, when viewing movies and for games which support the aspect ratio. The display manages to offer one of the most superb views available of the PC you’re working off.

It’s best to adjust the setting on the computer before using the monitor to receive the optimum effects of it.

The monitor makes use of NVIDIA Ultra Low Motion Blur technology which makes objects that are in motion clearer and sharper, providing a more surreal experience, especially when gaming on the monitor.

Playing first-person shooters off the Predator Z35 enhances the in-gameplay, while tracking a weapon and seeking out targets becomes slightly easier.

Of course this in no way cheating, just slightly advantageous.

The Ultra Motion Blur technology also features higher 200Hz refresh rate offering more frames per second when displaying content.

No need to add those troublesome extra computer speakers, the Predator monitor itself features two nine watt Digital Theatre Systems (DTS) speakers, loud enough to crank up the volume to fill a decent sized room.

For those concerned about distance between the eye and display of the screen, it’s best to keep the most comfortable distance away from the monitor.

Through technology built in to the display, Predator Z35 does not cause eye strain even at a close distance, but the most comfortable position should always be assumed, especially when gaming for extended periods of time.

But not just gaming, the monitor enhances every aspect of a computer’s display, even when operating a Windows or Mac device. Many movies are produced at the aspect ratio the screen is built for, eliminating those annoying black panels above and below the video. For content that is made at a screen ratio of 16:9, hypothetically speaking, cropping is always an option, but might take from the content being viewed.

For those wanting a more ostentatious way of operating their computer, without being too much of a gamer, the Predator Z35 will do just that.

Viewing almost any content or even just navigation a computer, is an enhanced experience on the monitor.

Serious gamers can expect to fork out between R20 000 and R25 000 for the Predator Z35 depending on the retailer.

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