Acer Predator i7 is a gamer’s dream come true

2016-07-04 12:41 - Kyle Venktess, The Witness
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The Acer Predator 17-inch Notebook.


Pietermaritzburg - The Acer Predator range undoubtedly has monstrous aesthetic appeal.

The 17-inch notebook follows the style principles of other products in the range, with sleek accents and design elements to capture the heart of a true gamer after just a glance.

But just as impressive are the specs boasted by Acer.

With the 17-inch display and up to 4K resolution, the Predator 17 notebook also has an i7 processor, an nVIDIA GeForce graphics processing unit and its own Predator SoundPound featuring four speakers and two subwoofers for deeper sound. That’s right — subwoofers in a notebook!

The Predator i7 also comes with the Windows 10 Home operating system.

The large display and graphics card combine with its processor to provide a seemingly flawless gaming experience.

With a very short start-up, high-speed USB data transfer and the ability to keep cool (due to FrostCore technology), the Predator is an extremely fast and efficient machine.

And if keeping temperatures at super-cool levels and lightning-fast processors aren’t enough for hardcore gamers, the machine also features a Killer DoubleShot Pro function which allows the user to choose which applications get to use more bandwidth. It can also split Internet requirements over wired and wireless connections simultaneously.

But with all the performance features at your disposal, a true gamer will want peace of mind that the machine will remain at optimum speed, right?

Cue the Predator DustDefender. Ultra-thin metal fans which sit under the device not only allow for more ventilation, but also prevent dust from building up within the machine, while simultaneously alternating airflow to keep it running smoothly.

Gamers have described the Predator as a masterpiece, running virtually all high-spec games at ultra or max settings without any lag.

The hi-res graphics deliver a surreal gaming experience combined with a sound quality to match.

Onto what is the most crucial element of the gameplay: the keys! The Predator i7 features a Prozone RGB keyboard that allows users to change the backlighting colour and add their own in-game custom keys, adding up to the ultimate gaming experience.

The user is also able to change the glow of specific custom keys to ensure that the right ones are tapped at the right time.

The feature helps prevent users from pressing the wrong keys during gameplay for a more accurate and efficient experience, while the PredatorSense button also lets you to choose between various game profiles to which the keys have been preset.

The Predator i7 sounds like a gamer’s dreams come true, but of course all the performance and power comes with a bill — the Predator 17 comes in at a recommended retail price of R29 999, which relative to similar models is still much more affordable.

For the experience the device offers, the Predator i7 is worth every cent.

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