5 ways to improve your Wi-Fi signal

2016-02-11 14:16
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The City of Tshwane has a stated goal of blanketing the city with Wi-Fi coverage and has been successfully rolling out free Wi-Fi access for citizens. (Duncan Alfreds, Fin24)


Disappointed with your Wi-Fi speed at home? There are several ways to boost your configuration at home. 

The Fin24 tech team has put together these quick tips.

Position your router

Where your Wi-Fi router sits in your home can have an impact on your signal quality.

If practical, move your router to a high position and towards the centre of your home if you want a stronger signal. 

Remove obstacles

Make sure that there is a clear route for your Wi-Fi signal to your device. This means ensuring that no objects are blocking your Wi-Fi signal, such as doors, walls or glass. Of course, only carry out this measure if it is practical to do so in your home.

Update your router’s software

Most Wi-Fi manufacturers have the option to update your router’s software. You can do this by looking at the web interface for your router. You can also search the internet for your router’s software updates. Updating your software can provider performance improvements and much-needed security updates.

Moving your antenna

If your router has antennas, adjusting these could make a difference in terms of boosting your signal. Of course, this takes a lot of configuration and testing, so, be prepared to be patient with this step.

Buy a wireless range extender

If you have tried all these methods and you’re still struggling, there are devices that can help your Wi-Fi router along by grabbing the existing Wi-Fi signal and boosting it in areas of your home with bad reception. 

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