Little ways to save lots of money

2017-08-01 10:00
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Cape Town - Fin24 user Carina Willemse shared her practical, simple ways to save money.

•  You don’t need pay TV.  Spend more time with your family. You save R1 000 per month.

• Don’t buy chocolates/sweets. Save the money. (It will benefit your health).
• Read more, go to the library.
• Only buy the stuff that you really need.  My personal motto is: "Do I want it, or do I really need it?"
• Stop eating out, make your own food at home.
• Stop buying take away, make your own food.
• Be on the lookout for specials where you can - buy 4 cans of food for R30 etc.
• Stop buying expensive meat, at the moment chicken and fish are the cheapest.
• Stop buying fizzy cooldrinks. Drink water. It is healthier.
• Take your meter reading and email this info to the city council. This way you can track how much money to put aside for your electricity bill.
• Buy generics medication.
• Don’t buy new clothes, try different styles and work with what you have.
• When going to the shops take what you need and leave, otherwise you will end up buying stuff that you don’t need.
• Keep your driving to a minimum to save petrol.
• If you are blessed with a skill (like knitting), knit jerseys for children.
• Don’t buy luxury items (food wise).
• Don’t waste water, only take a bath once a week.

* Do you have a successful savings plan or story to tell? Share it with us now and help others to also become Savings Heroes.

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