WATCH: Too much month at the end of the money for 41% of SA city dwellers

The earnings of 41% of working South Africans living in metropolitan areas do not last until the end of the month, a study has found.

WATCH: Not sure how to track your spending? There's a free app for that
22seven is like Google Maps for your money. When you open up Google Maps it will show exactly where you are relative to everything around you, says MD Jikku Joseph.
WATCH: How RIFS take on SA economic storm
Tristan Naidoo, Old Mutual Personal Finance legal advisor, sheds some light on RIFS, a new term used to describe recently independent, financially strapped... read more
WATCH: This woman has cut down her food bill to just R90 a week
A 25-year-old woman has revealed how she has cut her food waste and managed to travel.
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