What are the guidelines when buying a home

What are the "things" that I should look for in buying property? asks a Fin24 user.

How do get a bond for an apartment?
Is there a way I can determine my monthly payments and compare the interest rate for the bond? Do I need life insurance to buy the property?
Would we be granted a second bond?
My husband and I, would like to buy a house, we don't want to sell our flat, would we get a second bond? asks a Fin24 user.
Can I pay my bond three times a month?
A Fin24 user would like to know if its possible to save on interest by paying a bond three times a month.
Will I be able to get a bond again?
After being rehabilitated, I would like to buy a property towards the end of 2015, will the bank to approve my bond?
Buyers may not be cleared on old rates, taxes
The transfer of ownership of a property does not destroy a municipality's rights on the property regarding old outstanding rates and taxes, warns an expert.
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Which which the trust must we apply for?
A fin24 user wishes to set up a family trust split amongst seven siblings, to pay a bond that their parents can no longer afford.
Do I qualify for a housing subsidy??
After buying a flat in a complex a year ago, do I qualify for a government subsidy?
Who protects the property buyer?
The financial and emotional stress from a flawed property deal is excessive, says a Fin24 user who believes there's not enough protection for the innocent party.
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New home owner’s tenant dilemma
When buying a property that has an existing tenant, new owners should make sure they are fully aware of the tenant’s contract, according to a property legal expert.
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My estate agent horror
After a rough experience with an estate agency, a Fin24 user says it is perhaps time for sellers to demand "no service, no pay".
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Shopping centre bullies or victims?
Could non-exclusivity rental clauses in shopping centres dominated by large retailers become a reality in South Africa, asks Francois Froneman.
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Credit score affecting chances for a bond
What can I do to motivate my bond application if I have low credit score because of no accounts?
Which is best:Keep shares or settle the bond?
We have enough money invested in shares. Should we sell them and settle our bond?
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