Make sure you don't mess up your holiday home

Buying a holiday home strictly as an investment to rent out or as a second home to live in is an exciting time for any buyer, but many things can go horribly wrong, an expert says.

Property boundary walls 101
When budgeting for renovations or buying a dream home, a property’s perimeter fence or wall may easily fall off the priority list.
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When small is a better fit
An FNB estate agent survey shows that about one in four home sales are being generated by middle-aged owners seeking to move to a smaller, more secure property.
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Pros and cons of fixing bond rate
Even a small shift in the interest rate can end up costing home owners a lot of money, warns an expert.
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Bond calculator
Use this calculator to work out your monthly bond repayment instalments based on your loan amount, interest rate and term.
Tips to find the right property agent
Finding the right estate agency to work with is essential as there are few things we buy and sell that are worth more than a property.
How others can help with first home
Friends and family members can now help each other to access the property market through a new banking product.
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