Diversifying into offshore property

Real estate investment trusts are a common and globally recognised way for investors to access income-producing, listed property, says an expert.

Access bond best way to save
A smart way to invest surplus money is to deposit it into your home loan as you are saving at the bond rate without paying tax on the interest saved.
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Where to park R3m for next property buy
A Fin24 user wants to know a good place for a short-term investment for his property sale proceeds until he buys another suitable property.
Time to invest in your own office block
The next time you walk into your office block that your Reit owns, you are in fact a part owner of that centre, says a Real Estate Investment Trusts expert.
Wanted: 538 people with R1m each
Is it arrogant if a company requires a minimum investment of R1m per investor when it issues new shares?
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