Northgate Park a trendy office redevelopment

New life is being breathed into Northgate Island in Brooklyn, Cape Town, which is being redeveloped and upgraded into A-grade office space.

Private Table Mountain eco-reserve for sale
A private mountain eco-reserve is now on the market for the first time in over 35 years in Scarborough, Cape Town.
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Adventurer turns rundown WW2 boat into his home
An African adventurer famous for his headline-grabbing races around the globe has found a most unlikely home - on a World War 2 boat on a tiny river in England.
Top 10 ways retired planes can be creative properties
While most retired planes get chopped up for parts, some creative people are turning the flying machines into homes, restaurants and even schools.
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Use time wisely before next rate hike - expert
A two percentage point interest rate increase could mean many homeowners would have to sell or face foreclosure, warns an expert.
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Migrant executives find peace in luxury coastal estates
While migrant labourers have for decades left their families behind in rural communities to work in the mines, a new type is emerging: the migrant executive.
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Older suburbs popular as home buying age rises
Many young people, who might previously have bought a small apartment or townhouse as a first home, keep renting instead, until they can buy a bigger property.
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Home owners battle to pay bonds
South Africans are finding it more difficult to keep up with their mortgage payments as the cost of living and interest rates climb, says one of the big four banks.
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High fences help serious criminals, experts warn
With soaring crime rates pushing homeowners to fortify their properties, high walls meant to keep criminals out have become the residents’ biggest threat, experts warn.
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New super mall for southern Gauteng
Thousands of shoppers descended on a new super shopping mall in southern Gauteng, after the R600m Heidelberg Mall opened its doors.
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SA team completes R5bn Seychelles project
The opening of a new hotel on Eden Island in the Seychelles marks the culmination of a R5bn project which was almost entirely developed by South Africans.
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Most expensive pad in SA makes UK waves
The private residence of insurance mogul Douw Steyn in Johannesburg has made headlines even in the UK for its sheer size and cost - it has two fire pools.
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Old Mutual property unit merges with UK firm
Money manager Old Mutual Global Investments has announced the merger of its property fund division into Henderson UK property OEIC, forming a £2.7bn fund.
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