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Posted by: Confused | 2015/10/07 14:04

Why have i been charged to obtain the sellers rates clearance certificate

Upon receiving my final invoice from the Transferring attorneys, i saw that there was an amount charged with the description "to your share rates paid to city of tshwane from 6/5/2015 until 31/07/2015" I was told by the attorneys that this fee was recovered from me by them in order To obtain the clearance certificate. Is this normal practice? Should I be liable to pay for this? Thought that it was the sellers responsibility to pay all fees before the certificate is issued. initially they told me that the fee was an advance on MY account and i expected to see this on my rates statement but did not. Here is the actual response from the attorneys ---- Our email correspondences without having the file in front of me seemed to have caused confusion for which I do apologize. A total of R941.03 was paid by our firm to the Council for the rates certificate to be issued valid until the end of July 2015. We have collected from (seller) his share paid up until registration in the amount of R462.15, and your share of R478.88 was collected from you, in total R941.03. In conclusion, we have paid on behalf of (seller) as well as on your behalf and simply collected the funds to recover our payment made. I trust that this will explain the situation. --------------------

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