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Posted by: Phillip | 2015/08/07 09:05

New complex a nightmare

Hi there I am at wits end and hope you can assist. I bought a unit a new development - sectional title. I had the option of choosing the finishes of the unit i.e. wooden flooring, tiles, built in cupboards etc. I make a point of it to visit the property at least once a week to check up on the progress. To my distraught, they fitted the incorrect tiles, cupboards etc as indicated on the Offer to Purchase. After many emails and threats the developer is now giving me the "option" of either taking the property as it is, or cancel the sale. I sold my property to buy this new property, so cancelling is not an option for me. The agent then also indicated that he would "contribute" R20k as compensation for the "mistake" which quite frankly is a slap in my face. I am not sure what to do now, my numerous e-mails and threats are simply falling on deaf ears. Your advise would be appreciated Thank you

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