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Posted by: Frustrated | 2015/09/07 12:41

Municipal Clearance Certificate

My brother in law and I each own 50% share in a property. I am selling my 50% to him, and we just need the clearance certificate from the City of Tshwane (CoT) to finalise transfer (which has been in progress since February). We have been given a clearance figure of R46,000, of which R36,000 comes from an inactive account, and what we have been told is the previous owner's account. My questions is: are we liable for the R36,000 from the inactive account, and how is it possible that the previous sellers got a clearance certificate with such a high amount owing? What is our recourse, and will we be able to get our clearance certificate (our previous 2 year track record with the municipality is impeccable; we've paid on time, and have every statement and proof of payment since Feb 2013; when we bought the property).

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