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Diversifying into offshore property

Real estate investment trusts are a common and globally recognised way for investors to access income-producing, listed property, says an expert.


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Make sure you don't mess up your holiday home

Buying a holiday home strictly as an investment to rent out or as a second home to live in is an exciting time for any buyer, but many things... read more



Adventurer turns rundown WW2 boat into his home

An African adventurer famous for his headline-grabbing races around the globe has found a most unlikely home - on a World War 2 boat on a tiny... read more



Northgate Park a trendy office redevelopment

New life is being breathed into Northgate Island in Brooklyn, Cape Town, which is being redeveloped and upgraded into A-grade office space.



Private Table Mountain eco-reserve for sale

A private mountain eco-reserve is now on the market for the first time in over 35 years in Scarborough, Cape Town.

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Township house prices higher - index

House price growth in former black townships has marginally outperformed homes in former white suburbs in the third quarter of 2014, shows a house price index.

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Infographic: Top 10 most expensive homes in the world

From William Randolph Hearst’s home in California to Oprah Winfrey's Santa Barbara pad, we take a look at the most exclusive homes in the world and who lived in them.

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