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7 Inspiring stories and achievements of retirees.

What will you do with your retirement?

Mar 14 2016 07:50

Excited about retirement? You’ve worked hard for 30-40 years or more and saved for it. No more early alarm. No more meetings. No more deadlines. For some, the retirement plan is to relax, with nothing more urgent to do than sip a glass of wine while watching the sunset in a beautiful location. But as people lead longer and healthier lives, a person retiring from full-time work at the age of 65 today will likely live another 20 to 30 years. And what will they do with all that time?

Here are a few of the inspiring stories from those who stepped out of the workforce and into a new start in their retirement and asked themselves – what do I want to do next? 

1. Globe trekking through the golden years

Don and Alison saved for years for their retirement and when the day finally came they took their funds, sold their home in Canada set off to travel the world. Still globetrotting in their 70’s, they are limited by some medical conditions but they love their nomadic lifestyle and are enjoying adventures most of us only dream about.

2. Just keep swimming!

In 2014, South African Otto Thaning became the oldest person to swim the English Channel at age 73. “My wish was basically to promote the idea that people over the age of 70 can do things like this if they look after themselves and work hard,” he said.

3. The astronaut that beat the age limit

John Glenn was the first American to orbit the Earth in 1962. In 1998 at the age of 77, Glenn was given the opportunity to return to space aboard the space shuttle Discovery, which orbited the Earth 134 times over nine days, officially making Glenn the oldest space traveler in history. 

4. Record setting at any age

Katherine Pelton, a retired schoolteacher, picked up her competitive streak later in life. When she was 86-years-old, she completed the 200m butterfly in 3 minutes, which at the time beat the men’s world record for that age group by 20 seconds.  She continued to swim in competitions setting 34 FINA masters world records, until her death in 1992.

5. Sailing the seven seas at 77

Minoru Saito, a 77-year-old Japanese sailor, became the oldest person to do a solo circumnavigation of the world. Saito sailed around the world for the first time in 1990, at age 56 and continues to sail the seas with his sights set on Greenland next. “You only have one life to lead so must always do your very best,” Saito said.

6. 7 summits for a 70th celebration

In 2003, Spaniard Ramon Blanco defied all odds by becoming the oldest man to climb the Seven Summits – the highest mountains on each continent. He summited Mount Everest aged 60 and completed the 7th and final summit, Mount Kosciuszko, in Australia, which stands at 2228m at age 70!

7. Flying high

James C. Warren proved that you are never too old to achieve your dreams when he received his private pilot license at age 87. A war veteran, James served in the famed Tuskegee airmen unit during World War II and went on to serve for 30 years. After retirement, he decided to get his private pilot license and volunteer at the Nut Tree Airport’s Young Eagles program, allowing children who had never flown before to experience sky high fun.

What will you do with your retirement? With the right investments and retirement plan your golden years will continue to produce golden memories. Embrace the freedom that retirement can bring and ensure that you are financially fit to pursue whatever the new stage of your life may bring. 

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