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10 uniquely South African things that will instantly age you!

Apr 04 2016 07:46

Age catches up with you sooner than you think; your recovery time for a night out now extends to two days, your most prized purchase last year was a dishwasher and the idea of retiring ‘somewhere quiet’ no longer seems boring. It’s time to face it; you’re older than you think!

Chances are if you remember the items on the list below, it’s time to start thinking about your retirement and not just this month’s bills.

1. If you rushed home from school to watch Pumpkin Patch

A quintessential part of growing up in South Africa was the kids programme Pumpkin Patch. Freckles, Speckles and company premiered for the first time 29 years ago and went off the air 20 years ago.

2. If you jammed along to Brenda Fassie’s ‘Weekend Special’

Once you hear that opening line “You don’t come around…” you have to complete it with “to see me in the week”. This song which broke boundaries and made a name for MaBrrr locally and internationally will be turning 33 years old this year.

3. If you played Pick-Up Sticks

Today’s kids barely know of games that aren’t found on electronic devices, but once-upon a time a handful of colourful sticks was all you needed for the ultimate test of skill and focus.

4. If you remember the original Creamora ‘it’s not inside, it’s on top’ advert

Remade in the 90s, it was the original advert which cemented the phrase “it’s not inside its on top” in our memories.

5. If you begged your parents for a Wally Drake Lucky Packet

It was always a surprise what you’ll get in your packet. Will it be sherbet? Or a lollipop? What kind of small toy? It was the mystery of your childhood.

6. If you tuned in for M-Net open time

In 1986, M-Net introduced open time, two hours free hours of comedies and an episode of Egoli. M-Net discontinued open time in 2007 after 20 years.

7. If you watched Liewe Heksie as a child

The show followed a loveable puppet witch as she makes her way around Blommeland with her motley crew of friends. Liewe Heksie premiered 38 years ago.

8. If you rocked a Walkman

Before the iPod and iTunes there was the walkman, the instant evidence that you’ve reached premium cool status. You could listen to your Michael Jackson tapes while you were on the move. Genius!

9. If you associate David Kramer with a VW microbus

Before David Kramer won our hearts with poignantly South African musicals like – District Six and Kat and the Kings – he entranced the country with his series of Volkswagen Microbus adverts about families and their kombis.

10. If you instantly recognise the intro to ‘Special Star’ by Mango Groove

This classic song by Mango Groove was a tribute to legendary pennywhistle artist Spokes Mashiyane turns 27 years old this year and still features as one of South Africa’s most recognisable songs.

Did you just take a trip down memory lane, lost in wistful nostalgia? If you did, chances are you’re over 30 and regardless of how young you feel, you’ve hit middle age and retirement is just a few years away. It’s never too early, or too late, to start thinking about your retirement and planning to enjoy your golden years financially independent.

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