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Mr Probably Not: A response to Mandi Smallhorne

Jun 19 2017 19:15

ADD YOUR VOICE: MyFin24 is the platform for our users to air their views on hot topics and pressing issues, and for sharing ideas to help other users cope in a challenging financial environment. Fin24 encourages healthy debate and reserves the right not to publish outright racist, derogatory and inflammatory comments.

Instead of moaning about security companies damaging grass, why not ask for additional patrols during certain times of the day, writes a Fin24 user in response to a column titled You're not above the law, Mr Armed Response by Mandi Smallhorne.

In your article you claim that you live in a safe neighbourhood, why do you think that is? I'm going out on a limb here but perhaps it is because of the presence of private security companies.

Now ask yourself, with petrol costs being one of these security companies' highest input costs, can they afford to drive continuously all day? Probably not.

Can they park on the side of the street and obstruct peak hour traffic in the morning? Probably not.

So this begs the question, what would you prefer more: a security guard damaging a bit of grass or coming home to a smashed front door with all your belongings gone?

You complain, rightly so, of kids littering and doing wheel-spins. The two are separate issues and shouldn't be confused with each other, wheel spinning tears up grass and cannot be confused with a stationary car being parked on the lawn entering and exiting only a few times per week.

Ask yourself now, if the private security vehicle was the only car permitted on the grass, would that hinder or damage the growth of the grass in anyway? Probably not.

So instead of moaning about security companies damaging the grass, why not ask for additional patrols during times of "wheel spinning and littering", probably late at night, which would reduce the damage done to your beloved grass.

The presence of security companies parked in visible areas around a neighbourhood acts as a deterrent to criminals and you writing articles of this nature only serves one purpose: To encourage people with your mind set to harass and lodge complaints against parked security companies, in turn, forcing them to stop parking in public areas and potentially making both mine and your neighbourhood unsafe and susceptible to an increase in crime.

Kind regards,
Your friendly neighbour

Disclaimer: All letters and comments published in Fin24 have been independently written by members of the Fin24 community. The views are therefore their own and do not necessarily represent those of Fin24.



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