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Jan 23 2013 15:47
Fin24 user Anthony Dale was one of many who sent in comments on reports that FNB has bowed to political pressure on its controversial ad campaign. He writes:

Hi there

I listened to your ad and find this ad to be so true, beautiful and wonderful, the youth of today nailed it right on the head, especially to hear that the youth still have hope, and often especially in poor areas or where people are struggling this is all that people have is HOPE!

The ANC has fought hard to bring about change, but it’s like they did it on their own, wrong! The previous government could have decided differently but they agreed to be brave and work together, whites feel that black people want everything, that they hate them, we are now after years of a rainbow nation not at all closer together!

At least the ANC had something tangible to inherit! A country with infrastructure, roads, parks, companies, municipal services, airports, an economy, etc etc. Give some credit, many of our forefathers worked hard to build South Africa, but I can't be proud of my history because I am white and I am racist, this is not true!

Do people of the country not realise that the previous government were only scared and also clueless many would say, white people were scared, this is normal in every situation if you are the minority!

And sometimes people make mistakes, what they thought was right at the time, was so ridiculously wrong! Get over it, we have lots of work to do! I never benefited from the previous regime, but I flippen (sic) worked and now I can take care of myself and pay tax and contribute, not contaminate!

I wish that the racism can go, but I don’t feel safe, I don’t feel my country is doing its best, I don’t feel my government has our interests at heart! If we can lay our hands on all the money that was lost due to fraud, self enrichment etc over the last 18 years or so, can you imagine what can be done with that money!

The street kids are close to my heart, not enough shelters, each year just before winter or during winter, blankets are distributed etc, this is not enough.

There is also an ever-growing poor white population that are really lost, they can't have squatter camps, they get removed very quickly, and it's not safe in the so-called black areas or squatter camps. There are a lot of white and black kids prostituting, I tried to help them and was told “there are programmes but only if they become HIV positive”. I was shocked!

In my opinion the ANC inherited a country that works and has everything, but what are they going to do for this country now, the  phrase "don’t ask what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” is now very applicable!

I know they did quite a bit, to be fair, but hell man, there should be a no tolerant attitude about money for “boeties” in other words stealing, and the president should insist on more action and not red tape etc!

Get things done, set shorter time limits on the important stuff! They are struggling to come out under the red tape they have created for themselves!

Take the lotto for instance, we had one winner the other day, the winner won R39 000 000.00. South Africa can do things differently with the lotto, they can make a rule that each winner will win no more that R3 000.000.00, with further rules that if you don’t have a good job, and have not provided for your future, you have to take free financial advice and put it into practice, making it compulsory for these lucky families to remain lucky and be able to take care of themselves!!!!

They can pay for the most important things in their life, like buying a house cash, and saving the rest! This will make many, many more millionaires and have far positive results for our small country for the future!

There is so much land in our country standing idle, not used, wasted, and there is so much expertise, retired farmers, people that are use to doing this kinda work, that will give everything to be useful!

How about making this land available, create large work farms, plant foodstuffs, farm with eggs and chickens, supply government-owned shops and soup kitchens, and distribute the food amongst the poor, don’t import, use local!

And don’t have a flippen committee or meetings to do this, just do it!!! Quickly, get it done, ask the Jews for help, they have years of experience with the kibbutz system!

I can carry on and on, and still feel that all my words will mean nothing, this is the saddest thing, have the president meet with me, and others like me, Mr President if you wanna know what to do then just listen to us!

If you do this and make a difference, you will go down as being the president that did the most in a short period of time and so much more!

All the energy that Mr Malema and the ANCYL wastes every day, they should be ashamed, they can do better! Get them on board, if they don’t want to participate but contaminate, then get new youth leaders, form a new youth league, ask the youth to rather support a league that works for them, and take away their funding of the one that does not work to actually help the youth!

When a youth league of a country adds to the detriment of the country then it’s really bad, terrible in fact, and flippen ridiculous, why do we put up with it!

Mr President, instead of trying to out do or outrun the DA and Mrs Zille, rather take her hand, she is a hard-working ethical person that has only one thing in mind, making sure her country works well, people are taken care of and there is progress!

Why in the hell are you constantly alienating such a person! Get close, work harder together!

If you want to know more, contact me! I am willing to speak to anyone that has the power to do something and has the time to listen and the will to participate!

Kind regards
Anthony Dale

- Fin24

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