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    Indications are that the 2019 general elections delivered a damp squib, says Solly Moeng.

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    Pravin Gordhan says govt will not hesitate to intervene to ensure SOEs are run properly.

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Financial emigration: What it involves

Apr 07 2019 19:45

A forex expert explains the ins and outs of financial emigration - an exchange control matter that allows a South African to be classified as a non-resident.


Expat tax: Financial emigration could cost you - and it's not so simple, experts warn

Mar 26 2019 07:53

Financial emigration should not be implemented as a knee-jerk reaction to new South African expatriate tax laws, caution financial experts.


Expat tax is ultimately fair - expert

Mar 24 2019 13:58

The 'hype' created about changes to the SA Income Tax Act relating to exemption of employment income earned abroad, is clouding its fairness, says an expert.


SARS taking steps to ensure religious organisations are tax compliant

Mar 17 2019 13:56

The revenue service is taking steps to ensure that public benefit organisations, like religious institutions, which are tax exempt remain tax compliant when it comes to their alternative revenue streams.


Treasury, SARS not budging on expat tax

Mar 11 2019 18:02

National Treasury and SARS held a workshop where they got feedback from financial experts on practical issues regarding the foreign income tax exemption, but they are not budging on the actual amendment.


Expat tax: SARS at risk of losing even more money

Mar 13 2019 05:00

Expat amendments to the SA Income Tax Act, which is supposed to generate further revenue for the country, will probably create the opposite effect, warns a tax expert.


Expat tax: Treasury willing to hear concerns about new amendments

Feb 25 2019 15:38

National Treasury has invited key stakeholders to a workshop early in March to address continued concerns around the amended foreign income tax exemption.


Important tax change for South Africans working abroad

Feb 17 2019 08:02

SA law has been changed in relation to the exemption of foreign employment income and effective 1 March 2020 this exemption will be capped, says a tax expert.


SA expat tax law: How to avoid SARS clamp-down on expat income

Jan 20 2019 08:19

An amendment to SA expatriate tax law is set to come into effect in 2020, and to avoid criminal prosecution, South Africans working abroad can opt for "financial emigration", suggests a tax expert.


Investment property: 5 common tax questions answered

Dec 29 2018 12:33

People frequently make decisions regarding property investments without a full understanding of the tax implications involved, cautions an expert.

Wills and Trusts

Beware of potential double estate tax on your offshore property

Sep 23 2018 18:18

For South Africans who have invested in offshore property, estate planning can be challenging given the legal and tax frameworks of another country.


Beware: failing to file tax returns is a criminal offence

Aug 06 2018 21:00

Not filing is a criminal offence and SARS is well within its powers to launch criminal investigations into non-compliant taxpayers.

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