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Double charge for debt questioned

Feb 17 2016 07:27

A Fin24 user who has judgments against her name says the attorneys are double charging her for outstanding debt. She seeks advice:

"Kindly assist, I have two judgments on my name and the attorney who listed me is charging me double the amount that is on my credit profile. I have tried to complain about the other judgment with no luck and now I have decided to just pay."

Wikus Olivier from DebtSafe responds:

If I understand correctly you have a concern with the high settlement value that the attorneys quoted in order to settle the judgment debt. The amounts could be so high due to various reasons. It may be that interest have accrued to such an extent that it significantly increased the overall amount, or it could be due to attorneys fees and charges. Unfortunately the latter charges are not illegal and there is unfortunately no regulations of these fees and charges.

There is also no way that you can find an attorney to help you for cheaper simply because it is your creditors who appointed the said attorney.

Your best option would be to ask for a discounted settlement. You can also ask for a itemised statement to see what the split is between capital and attorneys fees and charges. If you feel that there might be unreasonable fees charged, you can lodge a complaint with the Law Society.

There is no guarantee that they will be able to do anything for you though. Your best option would be to pay off the debt as quickly as possible. Because they have a  judgment already, it would be relatively easy for them to institute a emoluments attachment order (also know as a garnishee).

As mentioned earlier, ask them for a discounted settlement amount, and if possible settle the debt. Once settled, the judgment listings must be removed from your name immediately.

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