2020-05-14 09:54 Will African states use Covid-19 to grab more power? Economic and ideological fault lines were revealed by Covid-19. How will African nations shift on these spectra?
2020-04-06 18:11 Restructuring government procurement The proposed Public Procurement Bill aims to simplify tendering while making it difficult to loot state coffers.
2020-04-06 15:04 Economics in the time of corona The impact of a global outbreak of disease has been discussed by academics as far back as 2016. But how do we minimise the economic fallout of a global pandemic?
2020-03-20 16:05 From the Cape to Cairo – it’s Ramaphosa’s turn The July kick-off to the Africa-wide free trade deal hinges on getting rules of origin exactly right.
2020-03-17 10:07 Battling Bacchus and human behaviour In an effort to combat students’ binge drinking, Stellenbosch University has banned alcohol within student residences, but this policy could have unintended consequences.

Action needed against municipalities 2020-03-09 10:43 South Africa’s rural areas are buckling – and some have already fallen over – as corrupt officials suck the life out of municipal service delivery. This needs to stop.
Economic growth: what we know and don’t know 2020-02-05 13:47 It’s unclear exactly what causes economies to take off, which makes it difficult to implement policies that create more prosperous societies.
Policy synchronisation required to boost SA’s re-industrialisation 2020-01-27 11:05 The manufacturing sector was one of the largest negative contributors to South Africa’s gross domestic product in the third quarter of 2019. The economy will continue to suffer if trade and indus ...
Beyond 2020: A vision of a prosperous South Africa 2020-01-22 11:16 Graduates and immigrants have built some of the largest tech companies in the US. South Africa should catch up quickly.

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21 May issue
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