Quiz #215: 20 May - 27 May | Fin24

Quiz #215: 20 May - 27 May

May 20 2019 08:00
finweek team

Fancy yourself a general knowledge whizz? Then give our quiz a go! You can complete our latest quiz, which appears in the 23 May edition of finweek, here.

Here are the answers to the quiz that appeared in the 9 May edition of finweek.

1. On 25 April 2019, which former South African cricketer was bestowed with the silver National Order of Ikhamanga for his contribution to the sport by President Cyril Ramaphosa?

Jacques Kallis


2. True or false? Julian Assange is the founder of Wikipedia.


3. Supply the missing term:

                           is a traditional South African fast-food dish that usually consists of curry served in a hollowed-out half-loaf of bread.

Bunny chow


4. How many entities does the government intend on splitting Eskom into?

Three (3)

5. Which of the following is not an IEC registered political party in South Africa:

National Freedom Front


6. True or false? Breaking even means that a business has neither made profit nor loss at the end of its business activity.



7. Name the capital city of the Eastern Cape.



8. What architectural style was the Notre Dame cathedral that recently caught fire in Paris built in?



9. The IMF recently cut its growth forecast for South Africa’s economy for 2019 to:



10.  Supply the missing term:

An                         is a sudden violent shaking of the ground, typically causing great destruction, as a result of movements within the earth's crust or volcanic action.



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