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Quiz #196: 30 July - 6 August

Jul 26 2018 12:48
finweek team

We are giving away a copy of An Incomplete Transition: Overcoming the legacy of exclusion in South Africa to our next quiz winner. Try your luck by completing this edition’s quiz here.


Here are the answers to the quiz that appeared in the 19 July edition of finweek:


1. Former Springbok wing Ashwin Willemse earned his master’s degree in early July. At which university did he complete the degree?



2. True or false? It has been reported that former Steinhoff Africa Retail (Star) employees allegedly conspired to sabotage subsidiary Tekkie Town’s IT systems.



3. At the end of June, 12 boys and their football coach became trapped in a cave in which of the following countries?



4. On 9 July, a British woman died following exposure to a nerve agent in southwest England, four months after the same type of chemical was used against a former Russian spy. Name the nerve agent.



5. True or false? England’s soccer team has reached a World Cup semi-final for the first time in 24 years.

False, it’s the first time in 28 years.


6. After decades of diplomatic and armed strife, Ethiopia and Eritrea signed a ‘declaration of peace and friendship’. In which city did the signing take place?



7. Former president Jacob Zuma’s son, Duduzane, has been formally charged with corruption. What amount was his bail set at on 9 July?

R100 000


8. The first Soccer World Cup trophy was called the Jules Rimet trophy. It was stolen in 1966 and recovered by a dog that same year. What was the dog’s name?


9. Name the newly elected president of Mexico.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador


10. Who is the CEO of African Bank?

Basani Maluleke

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