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Quiz #189: 23-29 April

Apr 23 2018 13:31
Stefanie Muller

This week, we're giving away a copy of Feyi Olubodun's The Villager: How Africans Consume Brands. Read an opinion piece by the author here. Click here to answer the questions.

Answers for the previous quiz: 

1. A section of a certain highway was closed on 2 April due to violent protests. Name the highway.

2. True or false? The networking and cellular equipment manufacturer Huawei is headquartered in Japan.
False, it is headquartered in China.

3. Which South African political party does Athol Trollip belong to?

4. True or false? North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visited China recently.

5. How long has Vicki Momberg effectively been sentenced to jail for crimen injuria? 
Two years.

6. What is Mar-a-Lago?
A resort in Florida

7. True or false? Steve Mitchell is the captain of the Australian cricket team.
False, Steve Smith is the captain of the Australian cricket team.

8. Fill in the missing word: AfCFTA stands for African Continental Free Trade Area.

9. Which country’s flag features the image of a star?

Bonus question in magazine:

10. True or false? Solly Kramer Snr, who founded a large liquor store chain in SA, originally hailed from Scotland.  
False, he was originally from Lithuania. 

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