Quiz #185: 26 February-4 March | Fin24

Quiz #185: 26 February-4 March

Feb 23 2018 15:45
Stefanie Muller

This week, we’re giving away a copy of James M. Russell’s A Brief Guide to Business Classics from The Art of War to The Wisdom of Failure. For a chance to win this book, answer the questions here.

Answers for the previous quiz:

1. True or false? The flag of Zambia features the image of a lion.
False, it features the image of an eagle.

2. Which team won the recent Super Bowl?
Philadelphia Eagles

3. Name the company that released a “damaging” analyst report on Naspers, which sent the share plunging.

4. In which country is the prehistoric monument Stonehenge situated?
The UK

5. True or false? Caroline Motsepe is the CEO of Finbond.  
False, Willem van Aardt is the Finbond CEO.

6. What is the ANC’s headquarters called?
Luthuli House

7. True or false? The PIC is to loan Eskom R6bn.
False, the loan is worth R5bn.

8. Name the river that flows through Paris, France.
The Seine

9. True or false? Hoërskool Overvaal, which has been the site of protests as a result of a ruling that it cannot accommodate English-speaking pupils, is situated in Parys.
False, it is in Vereeniging.

Bonus question in magazine:

10. Which miner has offered to buy Lonmin?


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